3 trusted Android apps to earn Free Fire MAX diamonds in 2022

Free Fire MAX players require diamonds for various tasks, including purchasing in-game items and altering their IGNs. However, unlike gold, this particular currency is not readily available for free, and individuals must spend real money to obtain it.

Many users buy diamonds without hesitation, but there are a significant number of gamers who do not have the financial means to do so. Consequently, they have to look for alternatives, and there are numerous apps on the internet that can help them get free diamonds.

Disclaimer: Users should read the terms of service of each application before they go ahead and use them to earn free diamonds.

Top 3 apps to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

3) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a fantastic GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that is available on the mobile platform and is widely utilized by a large number of individuals worldwide. Users will basically be required to complete surveys and other similar tasks after getting the application on their devices.

At a later point, they will become eligible to cash out their earnings using one of the exchange options. The cash can then be used to obtain diamonds.

2) SB Answer – Surveys that Pay

Users can use this app if they want free diamonds in Free Fire MAX (Image via Swagbucks)

Google Opinion Rewards is the ideal choice for users who want to earn free diamonds. This app provides Google Play Credits after individuals complete easy surveys provided to them.

Consequently, players can complete all surveys and gather enough credits to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX. They can also save them and acquire a weekly membership, which provides a better value than a regular top-up.

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