4 Android Apps to Help You Create Memes and Funny Videos

Social Media is full of memes and parodies, it is a big part of what makes it entertaining to use. Memes are a great way to represent ideas and conversations in a light-hearted manner.

Whether you’re trying to troll a friend or make some parody videos for social media, we’ve put together some useful and easy-to-use meme-making apps for Android that you probably didn’t know about.

1. MadLipz

With more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store, MadLipz has managed to carve out a community for itself among meme creators. It is a brilliant attempt at creating a social community around memes and parodies.

The app’s core functionality is centered around dubbing and lip-syncing popular video content. After signing up, you have access to a rich gallery of video snippets. From speeches of US presidents to scenes from popular movies, there is a lot of content to work with. Once you select a video snippet, you can re-voice the scenes with your own dialogue.

MadLipz’s lip-syncing tool is quite impressive. You can re-voice just about any video content and make it perfectly in sync. The tool gives you the wiggle room to ensure each word you dub into a video looks like it’s actually coming from the original video character.

Think about all those hilarious Mr. Bean and Lion King videos you wished you could dub. Yes, MadLipz can help you with that.


Although the video manipulation tools are impressive, MadLipz struggles to establish itself as a social media community. You can download or share the memes you make on other social media platforms or with other users on the app. If you choose to share on the app, you may even get a few likes and comments.

However, don’t expect your typical Instagram or Facebook level of engagement no matter how funny your video dub may be.

Download: MadLipz (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Wombo

Wombo is an AI-powered picture-morphing and lip-syncing tool. Its working principle is quite simple. You provide a clear selfie, then choose from a list of pop culture characters to morph your pictures into, or select from a list of popular songs you’d want your selfie to lip-sync. If you’re struggling with taking good pictures, here are some tips on how to take better pictures of yourself.

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about how you’d look like if you were Shrek, Megan Fox, Zuckerberg, or Kanye West, Wombo can let you live that fantasy. You’ll find a long list of pop culture characters to choose from.

Unlike most apps of this nature, Wombo doesn’t simply place your face on a celebrity’s body. Instead, it uses a complex AI algorithm to blend your face with the face of your chosen character.

As a result, you could get a character that resembles you but maintains a striking similarity with whichever celebrity figure you chose. If you get your hands on a friend’s selfie, there’s a lot of room for hilarious memes.

However, Wombo isn’t just about picture-morphing, the app can change your static selfie to an animated character that lip syncs any popular song of choice.

The lip-syncing tool animates your eyebrows, mouth, tongue, eyes, and neck in sync with the rhythm and words of a song to create the impression that you’re actually singing. Because selfies are one-dimensional, the resulting videos aren’t always the best quality, but it’s typically enough to have some fun.

Download: Wombo (Free, subscription available)

3. FaceApp

With over 100 million downloads and a 4.6-star rating on the Play Store, FaceApp is both popular and highly rated. It is a potential goldmine for meme creators once you know your way around the app.

Although FaceApp has grown its popularity by offering users a tool to simulate an aged version of themselves, it can do so much more. You can make a baby grow a beard, a woman look more masculine, or a man more feminine. You can create pictures of a younger or older version of yourself, or pictures of a fatter, slimmer, or more balanced version of yourself.

One of FaceApp’s biggest selling points is its impressive accuracy. The results aren’t just randomly generated computer graphics. FaceApp employs cloud-based AI technologies to generate its estimates of what you’d look like while taking into account your current physical traits.

You can also apply some image manipulation features on videos. You could, for instance, turn a video of your female friend into a video of her with a beard, all with impressive accuracy. You can clean up the resulting video using Android apps that add cool special effects to videos. With FaceApp, the potential for memes is endless.

Download: FaceApp (Free, subscription available)

4. Reface

Reface is like an all-in-one meme-making tool. Although it is known mostly for its face swap feature, it offers a few other handy meme tools you’ll find useful. It comes with a re-voice feature that lets you dub popular video scenes with your voice or pre-recorded audio. You could maybe take a scene from a soccer match and dub it with your own commentary.

Reface also has an “Animate Face” feature that lets you bring your static selfies to life. The app gives you the option to animate selfies by mimicking popular video content. You could, for instance, make a video of yourself mimicking one of Mr. Bean’s hilarious facial expressions. You don’t need any special skills to use it, just take a selfie and the app will do the rest.

Finally, Reface also features a “Place Face” feature that lets you blend or place your face on both animate and inanimate items. Ever wished to troll your friend by placing their face on a pineapple or maybe a beer mug? Yes? Well, ReFace can help you with anything in that ballpark.

Download: Reface (Free, subscription available)

Creating and sharing memes and parodies is a fun way to interact with friends. Unfortunately, even seemingly harmless meme creation tools can create problems if used the wrong way. Some apps on this list (like FaceApp) can produce convincing deep fakes which could be used to spread misinformation.

Yes, it’s a good idea to show off the lighter, more personal side of you. But use the apps on this list responsibly. If possible, avoid creating pictures or videos around sensitive issues or topics. The creation or circulation of modified contents with an intent to mislead is a punishable crime under certain jurisdictions.

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