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Since there are millions of apps available in the Android Play Store, it is immensely tough to find out the best Android apps. Nevertheless, we are here to help you out as we’ve been using the Play Store for a pretty long time now to tell you about the best Android software.

There are some brilliant apps in various categories from fitness to health to photo editors to camera to music to customization apps. So, whichever type of app you’re looking for, you’ll find the best fit in the Android Play Store. App developers like Los Angeles software developers are pushing themselves hard to enhance the tablet and smartphone experiences.

Here is a list for the tech-freaks.

Latest Android apps for March 2022

Alpha KWGT

If you already have the KWGT app, you’ll know that the Alpha KWGT is nothing but a new theme pack for this app. This theme pack includes 50 wallpapers, 45 widgets and several other features with which you can style and design your home screen. The widgets and wallpaper combine and work pretty well. The wallpapers are minimal and hence the widgets work perfectly with the wallpapers.


If you’re an artist, you’ll love this app called EasyCanvas as it lets you transform your device into a drawing device that can be used in your computer. This recent app has bene designed with the best features like wired support, palm rejection, and much more. This app has been especially designed for the Galaxy Tab series since the S-Pen supports different pressure levels that artists require making. The app developers will keep polishing this app with many more features.

DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate is a quick, rapid and straightforward tool for translating languages. This app works in 26 different languages. All you need to do is feed in the words into the app and choose your language. Though this user interface is simple and is not worthy of winning rewards but that doesn’t mean it is not easy-to-use. The app has language detection, dark mode, and its overall translation is pretty quick.


For all the customers who are looking for emergency apps that will help them during urgent incidents, FRY is one of the best ones to choose. This app has a goal of assisting people in coping with sudden traumatic incidents. The app has a series of meditation exercises and other videos to follow along. The reason behind designing such an app is self-explanatory. Usually, the first responders need help in dealing with situations. This app will help them with that.

Inspire X

Are you familiar with Wear OS? If yes, Inspire X is nothing but a new watch face for Wear OS. This is a conventional analog-style watch face that has numbers that are easily readable and some of the smoothest animations. This watch face also shows date, battery and few other fields that are customizable. These customizable fields may include steps, temperature or calories burnt. Though this watch face isn’t something futuristic, yet it doesn’t matter.

F-Secure Password Generator

F-Secure introduced a website that has the power of generating passwords for free. These tools are given as part of a password manager app and this password generator app is one such app. Nevertheless, this company has introduced this free website to motivate people to use the strongest passwords. These passwords can be customized. You can even deselect options to choose whichever site you wish to use.

Therefore, if you’re a techie who has long been thinking of installing the most useful and popular Android apps in your smartphone, you should take into account all the above-listed options. There are many more advanced apps that are yet to be launched in the market. Choose those that are loaded with features and are also available free of cost.

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