Amazon Removes In-App Comixology Purchases for Android Users

Android users are no longer able to complete in-app title purchases on Amazon’s Comixology due to policy updates to the Google Play Store.

Amazon has removed in-app Comixology purchases for Android users due to policy updates to the Google Play Store.

Comixology announced that, as of May 31, Android users will no longer be able to buy comics, graphic novels or manga or subscribe to Comixology Unlimited when using the Comixology app with an Android with the release of the app version 4.0.1. Android users are still able to read books in their libraries, preview samples and browse titles within the app following the update. “To remain in compliance with Google’s updated Play Store policies, purchasing is no longer supported in the Comixology app for Android,” Comixology said on its website. “Comixology readers can continue to read and browse, and subscription members can continue to borrow in the app as they usually do. While browsing in the app, readers can add items that they would like to purchase to their Lists, which are also accessible on the Amazon website. Customers can continue to purchase books, magazines, and comics, as well as subscription content, from the Amazon website. “

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Android customers wishing to purchase comics or other titles can still do so by visiting Comixology’s homepage – for United States subscribers and for United Kingdom subscribers. Any comics purchased or borrowed on the Amazon website will show up in the Comixology app’s library to read. All previously purchased and borrowed comics will also remain in Android users’ libraries following the new change.

“You can browse comics in the app and add the ones you are interested in to your list and purchase on the Amazon website,” Comixology said. “To add to list in the app, tap the heart icon from the Book and Series Pages and from Search within Discover. After tapping the heart icon, select a list to add the comic to or Create a new list. You can view your lists in app by going to the top right menu (Utilities) and selecting ‘My lists.’ “

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Lists are available to view at for United States users and for United Kingdom users. Lists are also available at the top menu of the homepage. “Members of Comixology Unlimited (US-only program), Kindle Unlimited, and Prime Reading can continue to borrow subscription content in the app,” Comixology said. “Borrowed books will appear in your library. Comixology Unlimited members can access and read over 40,000 comics titles directly from the app. To learn more and join, visit in your web browser.”

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