Among Us VR Could Give Impostors a Major Advantage

Ever since it suddenly surged to popularity in 2020, Among Us has flourished in a variety of ways. Innersloth may be a small studio, but nevertheless, it has found ambitious ways to build on interest in its social deduction game. Not long ago, Among Us fans learned that Among Us VR was in the works, offering fans a chance to contest Crewmates and Impostors in virtual reality. Innersloth has revealed very little about Among Us VR so far, but the reveal trailer suggests that Innersloth’s VR collaboration with Schell Games will remain as faithful to the original Among Us experience as possible.


Highly detailed recreations of the original Among Us maps for VR sounds highly immersive, but the change in formats comes with drawbacks too. Among Us is far from a first-person game; the massive change in perspective could have serious consequences for Crewmates who are trying to keep an eye out for potential Impostors around them. In order to make sure that Impostors do not have a permanent leg up due to Among Us VR‘s change in perspective, Innersloth and Schell may have to tweak Among Us information systems for fairness’ sake. The VR project is a great idea, but it has to be thought through carefully.

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Impostor Play in Among Us VR

In normal Among Us games, players play from a top-down perspective. Thanks to this, players can see much of the world around them; even when they’re completing a task, Crewmates can keep an eye out for potential approaching Impostors or any murders happening nearby. In Among Us VR, however, players will naturally only see what’s directly in front of them. That’s a major change. It’ll probably be nearly impossible for Crewmates to check their surroundings while completing tasks, meaning Impostors have far more liberty to sneak up on unsuspecting Crewmates or to escape through a vent when nobody’s looking.

Impostors will certainly have risks to face too, since they’ll have to check surroundings more carefully before killing a Crewmate, but overall, Crewmates seem to have the disadvantage. Stealth benefits Impostors far more than Crewmates, and the reduced visibility in Among Us VR creates major opportunities for stealth. With this in mind, Among Us VR is at serious risk of being heavily Impostor-favored, which would be awfully frustrating for Crewmates. In order to make up for the new sight disadvantages handed to Crewmates, Schell and Innersloth may need to make major changes to other Among Us information systems.

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Possible Among Us VR Changes

A blue Crewmate typing a code into a keypad in the Among Us VR announcement trailer

There are plenty of potential advantages that Among Us VR could give to Crewmates to make up for the first-person perspective. For instance, Among Us VR might put an increased emphasis on sound queues, adding new sound effects for nearby kills, vents, or even footsteps in general. Certain Among Us tasks might also change in Among Us VR. Some tasks could feature more waiting periods than they do in normal Among Us, since waiting during a task would let Crewmates look around once in a while to make sure they’s safe.

A lot remains to be seen about Among Us VR. There’s no telling how Impostor vents or sabotages look in VR yet, for instance, nor do fans know how sure how many new Among Us features will carry over into VR. In the end, Among Us VR could turn out to be a very different style of game from the Among Us that fans currently know and love. That would not be such a bad thing, though. New features and mechanics that make good use of the change in format will make Among Us VR feel more unique, which could generate more interest in the VR version long-term. Fans will just have to wait and see what major changes Among Us VR contains when Innersloth and its peers reveal it properly.

Among Us is available now for Android and iOS mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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