Apple and Meta are working on most advanced AR headsets

Meta, formally known as Facebook, is reportedly planning to launch AR glasses under its Project Nazare initiative by 2024. The company is also aiming to launch the first model in two years, followed by a “lighter, more advanced” model in 2026, and a third model in 2028. A new report from Jeff Pu suggests that Apple’s AR headset has also been delayed and will only launch at the beginning of the next year. Also Read – Apple iPhone 14 price revealed in new leaks: Here are the details

Meta, Apple AR glasses expected price

Meta’s AR glasses are expected to be priced higher than the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset which is available at $ 299 due to pricier materials. Apple AR glasses could cost between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. Also Read – WhatsApp working on multi -device linking feature for secondary phones and tablets

Meta, Apple AR glasses expected specifications

Meta’s upcoming AR glasses are expected to operate independently of a smartphone. Like other smart glasses, it’ll also have an exterior camera, stereo audio, and one would even be able to communicate with other users’ holograms. As per reports, it will be based on Android and offer “full” AR-complete with 3D visuals and eye-tracking. Also Read – Chip shortage, Covid costed up to $ 8 billion to Apple: CEO Tim Cook

On the other hand, Apple’s upcoming headset would come with multiple highly sensitive 3D sensing modules in order to offer innovative hand tracking. According to Ming-chi Kuo, the structured light sensors will be able to detect objects in the hands, comparable to how Face ID is able to figure out facial expressions to generate Animoji.

The headset will have two processors, one with the same level of computing power as M1 along with a lower-end chip to handle input from different sensors. It may come with at least six-eight optical modules to simultaneously provide continuous video see-through AR services. A recent report also claimed that Apple has partnered with TSMC to develop “ultra-advanced” micro OLED displays for “upcoming augmented reality devices.”

Apple’s upcoming headset will focus on gaming, media consumption, and communication.

It will be similar to the Oculus Quest, and some prototypes being tested include external cameras to enable some AR features.

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