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Burnaby, BC, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Nearly 70 million Americans experience chronic sleep disorders – a problem with various associated consequences, including lack of focus and productivity, increased risk for heart disease, and decline in cognitive function.

Disorders such as sleep apnea can be treated effectively using a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to maintain their treatment plan-and the most common reason for discontinuing treatment is a poor-fitting mask.

At AR Medical, a passionate team of sleep specialists and engineers are working to solve this problem with AI-powered mask-fitting technology designed to produce the perfect mask fit, every time. By combining personalized mask fitting with dynamic, two-way communication between sleep care providers and patients, AR Medical is making it possible for millions of people to get a better night’s sleep-and they are doing it from the convenience of your smartphone.

For AR Medical CEO Cox Tan-Ngo, creating the right software to help millions of people globally is a mission his team follows every day.

“Advancements with technology are more than just about innovation for the moment,” Tan-Ngo says. “It is the creation of practical tools that have lasting benefits for people who use it.”

Their technology is incredibly useful, affordable, and convenient. Within minutes, a user can produce a scan that allows AI to measure their face with accuracy to the sub-millimeter level-leading to a mask that can fit in every condition. This is a stark departure from the way masks are currently fitted to patients.

“How it’s being done today is that clinicians are fitting patients with the mask when they come in, or when the clinicians go to the patient’s home,” says Dave Bonenko, VP of Business Development at AR Medical. “There’s about a 30% spoilage in the market, which means that 3 out of 10 masks a patient is given to use will not work for them.”

The results are costly, both in time and expense, which often leads patients to discontinue treatment rather than seek a new mask. And the issue becomes even more challenging for patients with different face shapes.

“Patients might find the mask uncomfortable, or that it’s leaking or doesn’t fit their face properly, because there are so many facial parameters around a patient from different age groups, genders and ethnicities,” says Ben Hum, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer .

“Some people may have facial hair, or they have been in an accident and can only breathe through their mouth, or they have facial or nasal constrictions that stop them from breathing properly. All these variables come into play when someone is being properly fitted with the right mask that they will stick with for the duration of the treatment. ”

AR Medical has created an easy-to-use mobile application, available for both Android and iOS. Once users download the app, they can communicate securely with their sleep care provider, ask questions about their treatment plan, and use the mask fitting guide to secure the best mask for their CPAP machine.

“We consider MaskFit AR as an enterprise digital health platform and much more than just an advanced mask fitting guide, ”Bonenko explains. They work not only with individual consumers but healthcare providers across the country, creating seamless communication between patients and clinicians.

With the MaskFit AR app available in five languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese) and plans to continue expanding the app’s reach and capabilities, the team at AR Medical is excited for a better future for people living with sleep disorders.

“For patients who might not be connected to a health provider that could help them, our app will soon be able to help them find someone within their geographic region,” Hum says.

It is all part of AR Medical’s mission to partner with sleep and healthcare providers, helping patients sleep through the night.

AR Medical Technologies Inc.. is a disruptive digital health technology company with an experienced team of scientists, engineers, and software developers dedicated to empowering healthcare providers and consumers with artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of sleep medicine. They take pride in their vision to not only be the world leader in digital fitting technologies but also to contribute to better healthcare outcomes and solutions.

To discover AR Medical’s innovative digital fitting technologies and learn how you can download the free MaskFit AR mobile app on the Appstore or Google Play, visit Easily download the MaskFit AR app with the QR code below.

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