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The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce (BAAC) celebrated the unveiling of a newly-finished mural on the side of Siloe Boutique in Batesville with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

The mural, designed and painted by Lyon College senior art major Daisy Hall (pictured below), is located on the north side of the building.

The mural (pictured below) features large colorful flowers and the word, “Batesville,” in bold typography.

“I worked closely with Siloe to finalize the design,” said Hall. “There was a desire for it to say‘ Batesville ’to celebrate the community and draw people in for a photo opportunity. We wanted the design to be something that everyone could enjoy. ”

Hall’s art meets the IMPACT Independence County Placemaking goal to improve the county’s appearance and continue the development of historic downtown Batesville.

“My students are fortunate to have a great community in which they can practice their talents. Daisy repurposed this public space into an interactive, inspiring, and photogenic destination at the heart of the community, ”said Lyon College Art Professor Dustyn Bork. “And now we all get to enjoy it. Daisy is quickly leaving her mark in the Batesville community. She goes above and beyond and does tremendous work. Daisy is hardworking and creative. ”

After graduating in May, Hall plans to start a professional mural design and production business.

“The mural is not only a beautiful aesthetic addition to the Main Street area, but it also is a strong visual reminder of the natural beauty in our community,” said Bork.

“I hope people will feel pride for our community and appreciate all of the art here,” said Hall.

Prints and stickers are available at the Batesville Area Arts Council at 226 East Main Street in Batesville to commemorate the mural’s unveiling.

Ambassadors in attendance included: Amanda Bledsoe (Network of Community Options), Jesse Cargill (UAMS), Amanda Dickey (Block Insurance), Ashley Engles (Citizens Bank), Amy Finster (White River Health System), Tammy Foster (First Community Bank) , Bridget Goforth (Bank of Cave City), Brittney Harris (Independence County Off-Road), Dana Milikin (White River Now), Sarah Perkins (The Property Shoppe), Ashley Rogers (Goosehead Insurance), Justin Russell (Bank of Cave City) ), and BJ Slaughter (Wood Family Dealerships).

Images provided by the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce

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