Battle Creek Police to receive training boost with VR headsets, Tasers

The Battle Creek Police Department will usher in a new era of training in the coming months through the use of virtual reality headsets.

The department is set to receive four virtual reality headsets and 57 Tasers as part of a $ 338,380 non-lethal equipment and training package unanimously approved by the Battle Creek City Commission Tuesday.

“With ever increasing demands being placed on law enforcement the department has been looking for alternative means of training beyond traditional methods,” Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker wrote in a memo to commissioners. “Traditional means of training can have a significant impact on operations, requiring several officers / blocks of hours and is course specific.”

The virtual reality headsets will place officers in a multitude of different training scenarios, ranging from de-escalation to an active shooter “with endless variations based on the officer’s actions,” according to Blocker.

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