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If your iPhone is running iOS 11 or 12, you should try an augmented reality app on it. AR apps enhance the real world with 3D graphics, measurement tools, games, learning, and more. add to Reality (AR) came to our laptops with a twist when smartphones were still new. Early AR implementations were interesting but notoriously buggy. This has led many to dismiss the technology as a gimmick and not a serious tool for work and play. when Apple announced ARKit, with significant changes. AR is no longer a gimmick, but a powerful tool that looks and feels natural. Let’s take a look at what ARKit is, and then move on to our favorite examples of the best AR apps currently available on the iPhone App Store.

Here is the list of the best AR apps for iOS and iPhone

The machines

The Machines has been a dramatic addition to the ranks of the best iPhone AR apps, so much so that Apple has staged $ 1.99 demos of the iPhone versions. Give this competitive multiplayer strategy game a try and you’ll see why it attracts so much attention.

Take on opponents online or locally in the same room, shooting at each other and destroying virtual bases. As a player rotates their device, the sound of the game adjusts based on real-world obstacles that will obscure the sound of the ride. It is truly an impressive effect that takes full advantage of augmented reality.

AR Civilizations

Walk around and experience an ancient Egyptian mummy, famous artwork by Bellini and Turner, Roman helmets, and the Rosetta Stone, among other exhibits. The elements are extremely detailed and you can move them, enlarge them and see their actual size with the touch of a button.

Not only is the topic fascinating, but it’s also a great example of how AR can take us places and allow us to experience them in a similar way as if we were in the same room.

Sketch Augmented Reality

This app makes it extremely easy to draw and sketch in the simplest way possible. All you have to do is point your iPhone camera at the pad or drawing pad and locate the virtual lines that the app creates for you. In addition, it allows you to convert your images into unique images instantly. You can also play some fun games or choose from a variety of lessons to help you learn how to draw portraits, cartoons, graffiti and more. There are plenty of other fun tools you can try in the app to help your creative side flourish. The app has a three-day free trial after which you’ll need to sign up for a monthly or yearly program of your choice.

Porsche AR

The iPhone 8 is an augmented reality phone. But guess that? The iPhone in your pocket can be, too. Before the new iPhones were announced, I told some colleagues that I thought ARKit and its apps, which promise to put virtual things in our real world, would be a bigger story than the new iPhones. Most disagreed. Now the iPhone X is definitely impressive. It’s exciting. However, it does not arrive until November. Meanwhile, similar iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature new processors that are optimized for AR.

Big Bang RA

A collaboration between CERN and Google Arts & Culture, Big Bang AR brings the history of the universe into your living room, using augmented reality rendering to help you visualize the first seconds of the universe and the titanic forces unleashed that define the universe. us today Narrated by Tilda Swinton, Big Bang AR is a rich multimedia presentation that shows everything from the Big Bang to the last moments of a supernova, as well as the birth of our solar system and the Earth itself.

IKEA place

IKEA Place was one of the first pioneering apps to show the world what retailers could achieve with augmented reality. The technology allows you to place essential items from the IKEA catalog in your home to see how they will look. IKEA Place provides a constantly updated collection of items so you can place chairs, desks and anything else you want in your home and plan your decorating strategy more efficiently.

According to the team, the Place app was designed as a way to give customers the opportunity to “try before you buy” in a virtual environment. All menu items dynamically expand so you can see exactly how an armchair will look when placed in the corner next to your bed or how well a closet would fit in your new bedroom.

For fans of the IKEA brand, it’s no surprise that they were among the first to explore AR technology for retail. The company has been working on 3D background catalogs for years and also offers customers unique experiences with 3D visualization in the store when they want to make their own kitchen or built-in cabinets.

Chalk Vuforia

Discover augmented reality-based remote assistance and quickly scale guidance, support, and troubleshooting expertise for your factory operations and service teams. Vuforia Chalk combines advanced AR collaboration tools with real-time video communications to connect an on-site technician with a specialist so they can view and discuss the situation. Technicians and experts can design digital annotations on a mobile or desktop screen that adhere precisely to physical 3D objects in the real world, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a step-by-step process.

Angry Birds AR

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Angry Birds and developer Resolution Games and publisher Rovio hope to find another 10 years of success translating franchise-based gameplay into the next generation of physical gaming devices. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is, as the title suggests, an augmented reality version of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, released for VR headsets earlier this year. The game, which is exclusive to iOS (for now), uses Apple’s ARKit technology to display the game’s 40 levels above the real world environment, allowing players to navigate the Pigs’ precarious structures and seek out the impossible. . hidden points and special elements.

In terms of content, the game is essentially the same as the corresponding VR game, as both games share the same levels and mechanics. But while ABVR puzzles are set in an Isle of Pigs themed setting, you can broadcast ABAR levels on your kitchen floor, your comforter, a basketball court, or any flat surface you like, as long as there are about two feet between your device and the selected area (you’ll need room to move).

GIPHY world

Everyone loves GIFs, so it’s true that GIPHY (the best place to find them) has brought them to augmented reality on the iPhone. The GIPHY World app allows users to upload animations to videos and photos and then share them with friends. Many apps have added similar self-adhesive enhancement capabilities over the years, but we’re still fascinated by how GIPHY manages.

The Macallan 12AR

If you don’t like tequila, the Macallan Whiskey Company has an AR app for you. The Macallan 12 AR Experience is based on the traveling augmented reality arcade used by Microsoft Hololens to create an interactive whiskey display. The iOS version is all about learning how to make your own whiskey. To launch the app, point your phone at a bottle, preferably Macallan, although a bottle of water also worked.

And while it doesn’t have a cute miniature bartender like the Patron app, it’s more interactive. It allows you to push and move ingredients and flavor profiles for two Macallan 12 year old whiskeys: Double Cask 12 and Sherry Oak 12. This app is definitely designed to help whiskey drinkers take their palate to the next level.

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