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A lifestyle is more than just real nutrition and compatible exercise. getting enough sleep, taking care of your body and brain, and managing things like medications and doctor’s appointments also play an important role in staying healthy. Life with technology becomes much easier, at least in theory. If you need something from your life, chances are there is already an app out there that can help you with that. A better app can be a great way to control it all.

That’s why Healthline tested many of the different lifestyle apps. Your Android phone is more than just a heavy tool to keep your business life running, it’s a touchstone for your hobbies and passions. Like a best friend who knows you competently, your phone can serve as a lifestyle advisor. In addition, you can adapt it to guide you in the areas of your life that present the most problems. These kinds of apps have always been searching on the Google Play Market, especially when the Covid-19 crisis started all over the world: people all over the world were confused and stressed. We all required to return to our usual habits as quickly as possible.

Check out the list of the best lifestyle apps for Android

aloe bud

Aloe Bud is an interesting take on personal care apps. In a non-intrusive and non-embarrassing way, it inspires you to take care of yourself and to do so in various ways and methods (hydration, breaks, breathing, movement, contact with friends). Many personal care apps focus on just one of those, and Aloe Bud lets you prioritize what you think is most important for the present moment.

Aloe Bud does not make personal care a strange competition that one can have with oneself, where not completing some of the tasks can start to feel like a failure and demotivate you. Quite the contrary. The Aloe Bud team describes their notifications as “discreet” and, in fact, they are worded in a loving way that really motivates you more.


In the busy world, everyone is always in a hurry to be the best. But in this kind of lifestyle, are you taking care of yourself? Don’t worry, now your mobile will be the new boss with Self Mentor – Improvement and Motivation. It will add more value to the meaning of your life.

This is a great lifestyle app that helps manage the pressures that come from almost every corner of the earth. It is a personality development app that will help you solve problems and give you improvements. This means that you will work effectively in the office, build a good business, enjoy a healthy and joyful personal life.

health touch

HealthTap is not only a lifestyle app but also a health app. You can consult the best doctors in the US with a single click. The app comes with a monthly membership that you can purchase or choose to pay each time you see a health expert. Physician fees vary based on availability and demand.

HealthTap helps you lead a healthy life by suggesting a daily routine that works best for you. HealthTap is one of the best lifestyle apps for diet monitoring. The app is secure and keeps a personal record of your disease history. With this app, you can make a video call to the doctor in less than a minute.


Foursquare lets you post mini-reviews of places you’ve been and collect badges, like gaming achievements. You can also see where your friends are, and since checking in to locations earns you points, you can see who’s winning. Foursquare is a cross between a social game and a useful tool.

This type of app only works if you can get enough friends to use it. You can find places to go and things to do, read user recommendations, and sometimes even get free gifts from places you sign up for. The interface is easy to navigate, although its design is a bit dry.


Notion is this kind of app that everyone wanted to build, but their team really did. If you collaborate with other people on a daily basis, this should be your go-to app. Notion eliminates the hassle of too many tools, too much chaos, missing files, missing tasks, whatever really gets lost.

They say they are more than a doc, and more than a table, and they really are. Notion offers everything you need: from tables, to calendars, to kanban boards along with thousands of free pre-built templates that you can modify however you want.


Evernote works well with other applications, a great advantage when integrating it into your personal or business life. For example, each paying Evernote member gets a unique Evernote email address that they can use to forward messages to their Evernote account, turning emails into notes.

However, this only applies to the paid versions. Using Evernote for free is a different matter, as it not only lacks all of these features, but also comes with a drastic limit on monthly bandwidth and note size. Read on to learn more about Evernote and how it compares to other note apps.


Todoist is a project management software designed to help you effectively manage your daily tasks. With the task management app, you go from being overwhelmed one minute to feeling on top of the world the next. The tool helps you improve workflow. Getting ahead at work and at home has never been easier!

If you’re a fan of Gmail, you’ll love the Todoist Gmail integration. With this feature, you can easily turn your emails into tasks. However, it has a drawback. It allows you flexibility with your tasks as you can add them from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop or mobile device, Todoist works great on both.

my affirmations

If it doesn’t happen to you, it happens to you. Your life is your creation. What you believe will become your reality. Affirmations help you change the perspective of your life by imbuing positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. Once you believe in a thought, that thought begins to manifest into reality.

My affirmations app helps imbue positive thoughts in your mind by giving you reminders with a specific duration. You can select statements from different categories, which you want to display as a notification. All active assertions will be displayed at the interval you specify.

mood road

Moodpath is an interactive depression and anxiety screening program. This app tracks psychological, emotional, and physical health over a two-week period to generate a personalized mental health assessment that users can discuss with their doctor or therapist.

Moodpath is an app that allows you to judge your state of mind. If you have concerns about your mental health, Moodpath is a great way to understand your state of mind and help you determine if you need to see a therapist or other professional. The mental health app asks questions every day and, after two weeks, provides you with a report.

Remente application

The Remente app acts as your life coach and provides plenty of self-help tools to achieve better lifestyle and habits for personal growth, mental health, and wellness. It helps you avoid anxiety, stress and depression and helps you understand what part of life you should focus on. We help you set goals and teach you ways to feel good, be productive and stay motivated by developing healthy habits with tools for personal growth.

Remente was developed and managed by a very talented team at Remnete and the app is updated very frequently. This app is breaking records with millions of downloads by users. The app does not prevent other apps from running on your phone. Use a secure enterprise-grade environment. It ensures that your data is safe and nothing is shared with any other application.

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