Top 10 Best Coupon Android Apps – 2022

Coupons can be quite useful, as you can get various discounts by using them. Well, we’d like to help you with that, and in order to do so, we’ve tracked down the most useful / best coupon apps for Android. Well, you can refer to these as coupon or discount apps, either way, they do … Read more

Many new malicious Android apps crop up, delete them now before they steal your data and cash

If you’ve downloaded an interesting-looking Android app from Google Play anytime in the last few weeks that for one reason or another felt… kind of sketchy, you might want to check out our latest list of malicious titles caught red-handed by various security researchers employing different data and money-stealing tricks. While most of these have … Read more

Sygic Navigation Updated With Enhanced Road Safety Features

Popular navigation app Sygic is updating the platform with enhanced road safety features. It is letting drivers use their phones as an additional safety tool while on the road. When the car’s display is mirroring navigation instructions via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the phone can serve as an extra tool for camera-based features. An … Read more

Chicago Music Exchange Launches the CME Mobile App for iOS & Android

Buy, sell, trade, and browse listings from Chicago Music Exchange’s entire gear collection—plus, be the first to hear about new product announcements and updates—using their new mobile app. Boasting a massive selection of the latest-and-greatest gear that the music products industry has to offer, as well as an ever-changing selection of vintage and used instruments—plus, … Read more

Top 10 Best Widgets For Android – 2022

There are tons of widgets available for Android. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of them pop up, and many of them are quite good. So, this list could go in a lot of different directions. Well, if you’re on the lookout for some new widgets for your Android device, we’ve highlighted some of … Read more

Google Play Store malware instances discovered by Dr Web

The report highlights the most dangerous aspect of those apps lingering in the Google Play Store is spyware tools capable of stealing information from other apps’ notifications. While apps allegedly containing malicious code have been removed from the Play Store, up to five of those apps remain online. The activity of advertising trojans had also … Read more

Google settles developer lawsuit over Android app policies

Google LLC has settled a class-action lawsuit filed over its business practices in the mobile market, the search giant announced on Thursday. Google requires most Android apps listed on the Google Play marketplace to process in-app transactions using its own payment platform. Until recently, the search giant applied a 15% fee to transactions processed with … Read more