Reinventing game night

Tommy Palm founded Resolution Games in 2015 with a mission: to create a studio focused on expanding the boundaries of immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to build games in which connection, cooperation, and teamwork take center stage. Having accomplished those goals with titles like Bait!, Blastonand Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, the … Read more

New class explores learning in the metaverse

Students and faculty members discover some of the possibilities for the future of education through the University’s first course conducted in virtual reality. When Emily Nunes arrived in class recently, she found herself in a serene, outdoor arena near the ocean. Triangular transparent panels formed a roof over her, as Nunes stood in a manicured … Read more

Spectra7 announces its DreamWeVR chipset has been chosen by ‘top global VR gaming company’ to power next generation HMD

In Virtual Reality News May 9, 2022 – Spectra7 Microsystems Inc., a provider of high-performance analog semiconductor products for data centers, 5G infrastructure, virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR), and other connectivity markets, has recently announced that it has entered production of a significant design win previously awarded by a major consumer game VR … Read more

Are Human-Powered Motion Simulators The Future Of VR?

Sometimes, less is more. A new VR motion simulator from a company called Kinerse is making waves online thanks to its human-powered design that removes the need for external power. Instead of relying on motors or electronic actuators, this “passive motion platform” uses your own weight to simulate physical movement via a simple lever system. … Read more

This VR Tech Lets Your Lips Feel the Action Too

Gaming tech has evolved to create realistic haptic feedback on the lips, teeth, and tongue. Carnegie Mellon University researchers made a device that attaches to a virtual reality headset and points ultrasound waves at the mouth. Volunteers reported simulated feelings of water droplets, crawling bugs, and brushing teeth while using the device. Consider the way … Read more

The VR Mars metaverse created by the creator of Fortnite will let you experience life on the Red Planet

NASA has collaborated with Epic Games to develop a virtual reality Mars metaverse. The collaborative initiative aims to be a useful tool for space organizations when preparing the first human journey to Mars. Nasa has teamed up with HeroX to offer the MarsXR challenge to get things started. This test requires developers to create scenarios … Read more

Apple targeted for Safari lacking WebXR support

Apple has been investing a lot in augmented and virtual reality since the introduction of its own ARKit API. However, when it comes to open standards on the web, Apple is still far behind its competitors. In the opinion of industry insiders, the company “has been a drag on innovation in WebAR,” as Safari still … Read more

Little People In Little Houses

There has always been a certain appeal to the idea of ​​building your own civilization and watching it grow, from creating little houses from Lego, to painstakingly constructing a vast metropolis in games like Sim City, the draw seems to be nigh universal. HandyGames aims to bring this appeal into VR by combining strategic city-building … Read more