Could Ubisoft + be coming to the Xbox Game Pass? Recent report indicates the merger could become a reality

The visions of Ubisoft + and Xbox Game Pass could become aligned very soon if certain rumors are to be believed. Both the services have similarities in what they offer and how they’re structured.

For a long time, it has been a known fact that Ubisoft + will be coming to the Xbox consoles. However, a recent response from a reputable source hints that the reality could be much more enticing if someone is subscribed to Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is a rental service that offers a massive library of video games to its subscribers. In return for a monthly fee, players can enjoy any game that is part of the vast library, including almost all Xbox first-party exclusives. Additionally, it includes services like EA Play, which comes with the Ultimate tier.

It could all become even more lucrative if rumors are to be believed. If they turn out to be true, the value for every Game Pass holder will have a massive increase.

Rumors hint at Ubisoft + coming to the Xbox Game Pass “soon”

There’s no denial that Xbox Game Pass offers incredible value to all its subscribers. In return for a reasonable monthly fee, players can enjoy a vast collection of video games. The collection also enjoys several Day One releases from studios outside Xbox.

The post where Ubisoft Netherlands made the comment (Image via Instagram / Ubisoft)

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The service coming to Xbox Game Pass will make it even more lucrative and open up Ubisoft games to more than 20 million subscribers. It will be the second third-party service to be merged, following EA Play. It should be noted that EA Play is only available in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Given the unclear situation, it would be better for gamers to take all the information with a pinch of salt. The only confirmed information has been that Ubisoft + will eventually come to consoles. Adding to the Game Pass will, however, be a different case and something that will surely delight all existing subscribers.


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