“Dalto Project”, a YouTuber’s plan to teach programming and transform lives

Lucas Dalto is known on social networks for his programming courses. The 19-year-old created various training courses on his YouTube channel to make knowledge and information accessible to everyone.

After having reached thousands of people around the world with his videos, he set himself a new challenge: to show that it is possible to enter the world of technology and transform lives.

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With his courses, Lucas helped many people, without paying anything, get training and get a job (Credit: instagram/soydalto)

What is the “Dalto Project”

Lucas announced the launch of the “Dalto Project”, which “It seeks to show how a person can build their professional profile with a job opportunity in the IT world in just 6 months”.

“I fight against the prejudice that someone can’t do something if they don’t finish university or with those who believe that at a certain age you can’t continue studying. With the courses I saw that many people got jobs and now I want to go a little furtherLucas told TN.

A few weeks ago the programmer published the project on his networks and more than 12,000 people have already signed up. The selection work will be difficult: only three will receive the scholarship.

In addition to sharing programming knowledge, Lucas gives tips to carry out the activity in a healthy way (Credit: instagram/soydalto)

Everything is going to be free. The chosen ones will live in apartments in the City of Buenos Aires and they will not pay the rent, nor the food and they will not have to pay for the training or the expenses that may arise from the events they are going to attend ”Dalto detailed.

The programmer formed an interdisciplinary team to define who will be the ones to live this transformative experience. There are only two requirements: be over 16 years old and have a desire to learn.

As for previous knowledge, those who apply must have basic notions of mathematics (know how to multiply, for example), and must have used a computer at some time.

“We want to choose those who really need help”

“The selection process consists of four stages and I am working with psychologists and coaches. In addition to knowing their health status and what motivates them, we want to choose those who really need help and we can change their livesLuke explained.

Users who follow Dalto on social networks will be able to learn about the day-to-day life of scholarship holders. The programmer will share everything they are experiencing, the challenges they are facing, the difficulties they are going through and the lessons learned so that “the process is transparent and also serves as an example or incentive for others”.

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“Despite the collaboration of some companies, It is a lot of money that I invested in this. But it’s not just money, if it goes wrong I risk my image and everything I’ve built in this time”, Acknowledged the young man.

However, he is very sure to go ahead with the “Dalto Project”, based on a premise by Elon Musk: “When something is important enough, you do it even if the chances of it not being successful are with you.”

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