Eve Enters a World of VR Golf

The following contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story, “VR,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Episode 5, “VR,” Eve is completely demotivated after missing her match with Aoi. Unable to practice and playing poorly against her regular betting partner Kevin, Rose decides that it’s time to step in and give her a helping hand. Since she can not get Eve on a flight to Japan without causing suspicion, Rose decides to pay Klein Cara to influence Eve to get her to play golf at a VR center. Rose subsequently sends a message to Aoi, which she believes has been sent by Eve, to create a virtual meeting.

Birdie Wing takes an unexpected dive into the virtual world, where Eve and Aoi are finally able to have their match. Whether this is just a one-off occurrence or a regular feature of the series remains to be seen. However, it introduces a range of exciting possibilities for the show and continues to expand upon its tendency to deviate from what might be traditionally expected of a sports show.

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Upon entering the virtual reality facility, Eve is given a headset and hooked up to several futuristic tracking sensors. The room’s host then proceeds to assemble a 3D scan of Eve’s body to create her in-game avatar. Being the easily irritable character that she is, Eve hurries the employee and commands that she should just let her play the game rather than spending any more time selecting a costume.

Eve is quickly transported to a virtual golfing world, which is full of lush greenery, blue skies and quaint buildings. Fans are treated to several comedic moments after Eve discovers that her costume resembles a cat. While she is informed that this is the most popular choice among customers, she is not impressed by her cute cat-ear headband or tail. She raves and rambles in a fit of anger, screaming, “Your country [Japan] is weird! ” and for the host to just let her play the game, despite being given the opportunity to change her outfit.

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The benefits of VR golf are made abundantly clear to Eve as soon as she begins to play. From being able to select a wide range of clubs at the flick of her fingertips to the ability to fast-track her way around the course, Eve is highly impressed by the game’s technical feats. At one stage, Eve remarks that she could go “through a whole course in less than an hour” – a comment that may highlight the future direction of the series. It’s possible that Eve (and other characters) will use virtual reality centers to accelerate their training in preparation for the series’ inevitable climax, where she will finally face off against Aoi in a regulated golf competition.

After being unable to beat the game’s top scorer, Eve decides that she will investigate who they are and is shocked to discover it’s Aoi. The pair chat about recent events and have a friendly competition. However, Eve is pulled out of the virtual experience by Lily, who informs her that their house is “going away.”

While this episode was far less eventful than the previous installment, it certainly added an element that many would have probably not expected from this show. Birdie Wing’s effort to continuously surprise its audience and incorporate a diverse range of themes, from mafia groups to futuristic technology, is a welcome change for sports anime, and things are taken a little less seriously here than usual. Hopefully, the series will build on this component and give viewers more opportunities to see Eve explore this virtual world. However, it seems as though the next episode will require her to deal with more real-world problems as she attempts to hold onto her home.

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