Firefox now automatically switches websites to HTTPS mode on Android

What you need to know

  • Mozilla has announced the release of the 100th version of Firefox.
  • The latest release is accompanied by a slew of new visual enhancements and functionalities for the browser’s mobile and desktop versions.
  • Firefox on Android now supports HTTPS-only connections for all websites you visit, assuming this type of connection is available.

Mozilla is getting a bit more aggressive with its privacy and security efforts. Firefox on Android now includes an HTTPS-only mode that will automatically establish an encrypted connection when you visit any website that supports HTTPS.

The new security-focused feature is part of Firefox’s 100th version, which is now available on the best Android phones. Mozilla says that the new feature will upgrade your browsing session on Android to a secure connection over HTTPS whenever possible. However, for websites that still use HTTP, Firefox will continue to use the insecure connection by default.

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