Fortnite’s car graveyard is this season’s most unexplainable mystery

There is no lack of mystery in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Even with the obvious war between The Seven and IO, many things are happening on the sidelines. One of these around Coney Crossroads makes no sense at all.

A couple of days ago, players spotted two blown-up cars lying around Coney Crossroads. Initially, they overlooked this as a regular occurrence common to the Battle Royale game. However, it only became unusual once a third car was added after the most recent update.

The increasing number of cars in the pile-up points towards some “car graveyard” in Coney Crossroads. Several players have been trying to debunk this Fortnite mystery in Chapter 3 Season 2.

Unfortunately, there is no theory that could explain this little detail that most players have missed trying to help the resistance win.

What does the car graveyard have to do with the Fortnite lore?

At this point, there is no obvious answer as to why there is a car pile-up at Coney. One possible explanation could be the number of accidents at a crossroads. Since the POI is named Coney Crossroads, Epic might be trying to depict how such areas are prone to accidents.

Players would want the car graveyard to relate to some part of the ongoing storyline, which would make the mystery significantly cooler. Ranging from IO cars in defeated convoys to somehow resurrecting Midas, fans could develop insane theories to explain the pile-up.

However, this could be Epic Games’ attention to detail and how specific its metaverse is. Depicting an increasing rate of accidents at a crossroads might not be something every game does. However, the Fortnite map is dynamic and always includes minor updates, if not major POI changes.

Other unexplained mysteries in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The Rock Family from Chapter 1 can be found buried under the sand near Condo Canyon! They moved around the Island every week during Season 7 – Season X. #Fortnite

The car graveyard is not the only mysterious thing happening this season. There are several other minor details that fans are having difficulty explaining. One of the strangest things was the crashed IO Blimps outside the island when they were brought down on land.

Players are also curious as to why IO flags are being replaced with Ego flags once the resistance takes over new territory. The return of the Rock Family has also piqued the attention of players. Hopefully, these mysteries have to do with something bigger happening in the storyline.


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