Google Play Store’s Android Apps Now Show Which of Them Has Accessibility Features

Google Play Store’s Android app listing now makes it easier to find which of these more than 1 million mobile software has accessibility features readily available to smartphone users.

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In this photo illustration, The Google logo is projected onto a man on August 09, 2017 in London, England.

It comes in time as we celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, shortly known as GAAD, today.

The renowned tech giant behind the largest search engine these days announced multiple features and upgrades that focus on making tech more accessible.

In one of the announcements of Google, it showcased a new upgrade that includes a much-needed functionality on the Play Store, the official marketplace of Android devices.

Google Play Store Android App Accessibility Features

As per a news story by 9to5Google, the Play Store is introducing a new feature that goes by the name a11y tags, which essentially tells its users if an Android app carries accessibility functions.

The search engine tech giant said that “the purpose of a11y tags is to make it easier for Play Store users with diverse a11y needs to easily find apps they can actually use.”

Thanks to all-new a11y tags, Play Store stores could go ahead and search apps on the marketplace and know if these listings are accessibility-friendly.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 31: An Android statue is displayed in front of a building on the Google campus on January 31, 2022 in Mountain View, California.

9to5Google notes in its report that the new Play Store accessibility tags appear in the “About this app” part of the listing on the Android app marketplace.

The a11y tag specifically tells Android phone users what kind of accessibility feature the app on Google Play Store caters to.

Once Android users go to the listing of an app, they can determine which accessibility category it falls under.

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Google Play Accessibility Categories

There are multiple app categories that Google has listed below, such as hearing assistance and screen reader-friendly. It also includes learning disability features and visual assistance functionalities.

On top of that, apps could also fall under categories like accessible communication and motor assistance.

However, it is worth noting that, as of writing, the Google Play Store has yet to offer any app that falls under its accessible communication category. Perhaps developers are still working on it. It could most likely be that Google has yet to update its listings.

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In this photo illustration, an image of the Google logo is reflected on the eye of a young man on August 09, 2017 in London, England.

The categories that Google offers its Play Store users make it even easier for those who might need specific features to look for apps that would suit their needs.

For instance, a person looking for an app that readily supports screen reader-friendly functions could easily navigate the Play Store without installing the app first.

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