Here are the best writing apps for Android and how to select them

Choosing the best writing app is a must if your profession requires you to write on the go. Finding out the best one for you may get tricky as both Android and iOS come with a variety of apps. But we’ve made it easier for you with this compilation of the best writing apps – both paid and free.

Whether you are a novel writer, reporter or blogger, you should keep a few things in mind before selecting the writing app for your needs, this includes its features, formats it supports and price. To help you select the best writing apps, here are the best options available for Android users.

App Features Size Price
Google Docs 15GB Cloud storage with Google Drive.Word processor 31MB Free
LivingWriter Arrange plots and stories using boards and templates. In-built writing templates to choose from 12MB $ 9.99 per month (Free Trial available)
Grammarly Keyboard Proofreader to correct grammatical errors, typos.A virtual keyboard 97MB $ 30 per month
Character Story Planner 2 Helps create background stories for novel characters, locations and magical spells. Suitable for story writers. 16MB Free
JotterPad No-distraction mode, dark modeWord counter.Allows formatting your documents into other formats 13MB Free, in-app purchases
Microsoft Word You can read, edit and create stories. You can use in-built templates to write blogs, resume, letters and others. 71MB Free, in-app purchases
Markor Allows you to work offline.Converts documents to PDFSyntax highlighting 6MB Free
Pure Writer Paragraph and line spacing options.Dark modeRestore previous work if it gets deleted 15MB Free, in-app purchases
Writer Plus Headers, text formatting, a night mode 819KB Free, in-app purchases
IA Writer Focus modeMarkdown for HTMLHighlights weak verbs, repetitive words, grammatical errors 18MB Free, in-app purchases

Google Docs

It is one of the most efficient writing apps on Android as it allows users to create, write and share documents with others. It is suitable for blog writers, reporters, and other professional writers.


It is suitable for novelists and authors as it can help you plan your story, write the plot and organize your writing using various boards and templates.

Grammarly Keyboard

It is a virtual keyboard that helps you proofread and remove grammatical errors and typos. It can help you make your writing crisper by improving the grammar and providing synonyms of words.

Character Story Planner 2

It is an app for storytellers and novelists who wish to give their characters a background story.


It is an app for serious writers with its features such as a split-screen to work on two documents on one. It is said to offer a smooth writing experience and even better features when you buy the paid version.

Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word app is suitable for professional writers who want to write, edit and share their work. It also lets you read PDF documents and allows cloud integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive.


It is a simple app to jot down ideas and take notes. You can insert pictures and to-do lists in your documents. It is suitable for bloggers as they can write HTML with its Markdown support.

Pure Writer

It is easy to use and lets you write effectively with paragraph and line spacing options. You can also use the dark mode for reading your documents without straining your eyes.

Writer Plus

The Writer Plus app is suitable for all kinds of writers and provides features such as headers, text formatting, night mode and word counters. It lets users access their documents with ease.

IA Writer

With its Focus Mode, you can dim everything on your screen except for the line you are working on. It comes with a plenty of features such as highlighting weak verbs, repetitive words and others to make your writing better.


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