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Check How To Install The LionChief App On Android Device Or Tablet

Basically, this is how you get the most out of your Lionel Bluetooth locomotive by installing the Lion Chief app on your smartphone or tablet. Just a few years ago, there was only one approach to our toy practice, namely the use of a transformer. Today we are lucky to have many ways to control trains. This includes the remote controls contained in the equipment and smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Here’s how to set up and run a practice with Lionel’s Lion Chief app.

Lion Chief’s management system has been around for several years, but lately it hardly has Bluetooth. If your device or practice has Bluetooth, it appears as such in the field. The LionChief locomotive and set includes basic remote control management to regulate speed and heading, bells, crew chat and horns. The addition of Bluetooth to the locomotive provides more precise management and additional operational options.

find out the hard way

  • A colleague needed a train for a vacation-related video project. “No problem,” I told him. I knew we had a Lionel LionChief Polar Express game stashed away in one of the cabinets; would be great for homework.

A solution… maybe

  • We’ve rummaged through our car’s control system, which has almost one (and sometimes two) of everything. I have found LionChief remotes for several motors that we have reviewed over the years, except of course for the # 1225 Polar Express Berkshire.
  • AHA! I found a universal remote. Christmas is saved!
  • There were even good batteries in it. I put the locomotive and tender on the track and applied power. There was sound, so far so good. I then turned on the remote, pressed and held the “1” button to clear all other connections, and then pressed it again to find 1225. The 1 light kept flashing and the locomotive sat up and simmered.

Update your LionChief Universal Remote

  • After a frustrating hour of trying different sequences to pair the locomotive and remote, I went online and downloaded a copy of the latest product manual and saw instructions for updating the firmware.
  • Turns out my remote, which has been with Classic Toy Trains since its release, was version 1.
  • To update, you need an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and an Internet connection. This link to the manual describes the process.
  • After downloading and opening the Lionel Universal Remote Updater app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you will be guided through the process.
  • With the short version, your phone or tablet transmits the update via Bluetooth to the remote control in about 5 minutes with an Apple device and about 30 minutes with Android. A slider tracks the progress.
  • The best thing you can do is walk away and let him do his thing. With an Android phone, it really takes half an hour. Don’t turn it off or you’ll have to start over.

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