How to obtain Hookclaws, one of the best claw armament in Elden Ring

Claws are incredibly fun to use in FromSoftware titles and Elden Ring offers players a lot of the armament variety to pick from as they continue their journey in the Lands Between.

However, out of all the claws in the game, the community seems to consider Hookclaws one of the best.

With an 8 Strength and 14 Dexterity requirement, the Hookclaws scale incredibly well with Dexterity and come with a Blood Loss build-up passive. The armaments are incredibly fast and can quickly stack up the status effect, causing it to proc in absolutely no time at all.

These techniques originate from across the Lands Between and even beyond. Somewhere between might and magic, they draw upon the martial soul. #ELDENRING

The Hookclaws have become a crowd favorite amongst those who are going for a more Dex-oriented build. Additionally, while it does come with the Quickstep weapon art, which complements the weapon’s short range and allows it to close the gap, the Tarnished can swap out the skill for something else.

It allows the player to have a more dynamic playstyle and simplify encounters. So, how can players get their hands on the Hookclaws in Elden Ring?

Obtaining the Hookclaws in Elden Ring

The Hookclaws are some of the easiest armaments to acquire during the early stages of Elden Ring. However, a fair bit of progression will be required to obtain the item, as players must atleast access Stormveil Castle, where the weapon is situated.

While the weapon is in Limgrave itself, the Tarnished cannot rush towards it as soon as they drop into the game.

Hence, to get their hands on the Hookclaws, players will need to:

  • Gain access to Stormveil Castle, which for a tarnished who is just starting out the game is easier said than done. As to gain access into the legacy dungeon, one will need to defeat the first main boss of the game, Margit, the Fell Omen. He acts as a gatekeeper and skill checker during the early part of the game.
  • To defeat Margit, players are recommended to invest significant amount of runes in leveling up their primary stats and even prepare a good summon. Additionally, they can also purchase Margit’s shackles from Patches in Murkwater Cave to pin him down for a couple of seconds and get some free damage in.
  • After defeating Margit, the fastest way to get to the hookclaws is through the back entrance of the Stormveil Castle. Instead of rushing through the gates, Elden Ring players are advised to listen to the NPC there and platform their way along the sides of the castle, mainly to the left.
  • A lot of enemies will be present on the platforms along with Stormhawks, so players can either engage or just run past them. They will soon come across the Stormveil Cliff Site of Grace which they should activate.
  • Now heading upstairs, they will need to run past or defeat more enemies along the way until they enter the building and find two comonners near a flight of stairs. After heading down the stairs, they will come across a guard patrolling around a small room. After killing the guard, they will find a corpse with the item collection sign. Upon interacting with it, they will be rewarded with the Hookclaws.

Hookclaws are incredibly versatile and, like Reduvia, have an equally high Blood Loss build-up rate. However, unlike the latter, it can be equipped with a different Ash of War and players will be able to apply additional passives like Frost on it.

The Frost and Blood Loss combination is one of the best in the game. Furthermore, its application is just as effective on Hookclaws as it is on Uchigatanas.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul


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