How to redeem codes for free skeleton keys and loot

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is back in with another SHIFT code for its players, who can once again try for valuable loot with no extra effort. As far as loot is concerned, there is plenty for everyone.

Gearbox has included several great elements from the Borderlands games in the spinoff. One of the most important is abundance of items and weapons that players can acquire on their adventures.

There is no one way to gain loot, but perhaps SHIFT codes are the most convenient.

Since its release, fans have genuinely loved Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Despite being different from typical Borderlands games, many believe that the standalone spinoff does justice to the franchise.

Loots are an integral part of the game and vary with rarities. The most special ones are the legendaries, which aren’t easy to find. A SHIFT code does not guarantee one, but it gives players a great chance.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands players can redeem one more SHIFT code

The latest code was released earlier in the evening. This is incidentally the third SHIFT code released in April, with two active ones having arrived in the first week.

The April 11 SHIFT code is:


The code will be valid for one-week post release. Players will have to redeem the code by 15:00 UTC on April 18. Post this time period, the code will expire and will not drop any rewards.

As far as rewards are concerned, players will receive a Skeleton Key upon redeeming the code. The Skeleton Key can be used in the game to open a loot box. There are plenty of things players can get from the loot.

Legendaries are the most sought-after items that players can get if they’re lucky enough. Aside from weapons, one can also acquire unique cosmetics, which can then be used to personalize their characters.

The best part of Skeleton Key is that it’s completely free of cost. Players only need to direct their efforts in collecting and redeeming the codes.

There are two ways to redeem SHIFT codes

Players can follow the link in the above embed to go to SHIFT’s website, from where the code can be redeemed. The code will automatically add a Skeleton Key to their inventory.

Alternatively, players can copy the code and start Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They must find the relevant section within the game from where the key can be redeemed. For both processes, players will require prior SHIFT accounts.

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