Imran Khan ex-wife jabs over ‘alternate career’ option: ‘Kapil Sharma sidekick’ | World News

Former Pakistani premier Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham Khan, mocked him on Twitter, suggesting an alternate career for him as “Kapil Sharma’s sidekick”. Reham replied to a tweet by a Pakistani journalist in which he had mockingly asked for suggestions for an “alternate career” for the cricketer-politician. The journalist gave four options – cricket commentator, gym trainer, TV or Radio host, and Imam in Madrassah He had further written, “I think Imran Khan could be a great wrestler where he fights the Americans who allegedly conspired against him in the ring.”

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Reham Khan has been known for his sarcastic comments on Imran Khan ever since the political crisis began in the country. Earlier on Thursday, Reham, while speaking to a Pakistani journalist, had said that “Imran Khan is talented when it comes to comedy” and suggested that he could “replace Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on the Kapil Sharma show.”

“He should be given a chance in Bollywood. He is talented at comedy. As Paji’s (Navjot Singh Sidhu) place is vacant in the Kapil Sharma Show, he (Imran Khan) can replace him. He has a good friendship with Paji and has also started poetry, ”she is heard saying in a widely shared video.

Notably, Sidhu had also faced severe backlash from the ruling party after he had addressed Imran Khan as his ‘big brother’ in the past.

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Khan recently lauded India for having an ‘independent foreign policy’. He had said that “no superpower dares to conspire against India and no one can dictate to them.” Then former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter had taken a dig at him – “Go to India if you like it so much”, she had said.

Earlier, Reham Khan had termed Imran Khan as “mini trump” and had urged Twitter to take action against his inciting tweets during the peak of the political crisis in Pakistan.

After several weeks of political drama in Pakistan, Imran Khan lost the no-confidence vote in the country’s national assembly on April 9 – despite hectic efforts to escape the fall of his government. 174 members out of the 342-member national assembly voted against him. Shehbaz Sharif was then elected as the prime minister of Pakistan.


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