In-App Purchases 2022: How to Turn Off the Feature on Android and iPhone

If you are worried that you will accidentally purchase in-app items on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, disable the in-app purchase option so that you have to verify each purchase before it is confirmed.

You can turn off the in-app purchases to make sure that you do not end up buying items from your installed games or apps.

When the option is disabled, your phone will ask for your confirmation each time you attempt to purchase an item from within a game or app on your device.

Disable In-App Purchase on Android

On Android, you can get the Google Play Store to ask for authorization every time someone tries to purchase an in-app item on your phone, according to HowtoGeek.

To enable the option, you need to launch the Google Play Store app on your Android phone. In the top-right corner of the Google Store, you need to tap on your profile icon.

In the profile menu, click on “Settings” and choose “Authentication.” In the menu that pops up, just tap “Require Authentication for Purchases.

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In the box that pops up, you need to enable the option that says, “For all purchases through Google Play on this device.” This way, your Android phone will ask for your permission when an in-app item is purchased, according to Gadgets 360.

If you think you will make a lot of in-app purchases in a short period of time, you may enable the option that says “every 30 minutes” so that you are not prompted for authentication on each purchase.

If asked, just enter your Google account’s password to continue.

From now onwards, you will have to confirm each in-app purchase before it is made from your games or apps on your phone.

If there is a purchase that is already made and you want to undo it, you can get a refund on Google Play Store.

Disable In-App Purchases on iPad or iPhone

On your iPhone or iPad, use an option within the Screen Time to restrict your in-app purchases. First, you need to launch the Settings on your iPhone.

Under the Settings menu, scroll down and tap “Screen Time.”

Make sure you have configured the Screen Time feature, according to Digital Trends. On the page, just tap the “Content and Privacy Restrictions” option. Choose the purchases option and select “In-App Purchases.”

Turn off your iPhone’s in-app purchases by choosing “Don’t Allow.” Once you’ve done that you’re all set. Remember to get an App Store refund for any purchases that you want to back out from.

Make sure you don’t hand over your passcode to someone else, or they will be able to use it to lift the in-app purchase restrictions.

How to Turn Off the Passcode in iPhones

To turn off the passcode on your iPhone, just start by launching the Settings app on your iPhone. In Settings, access the passcode option.

If you use an iPhone X, just tap Face ID and Passcode. If you have an earlier model of the iPhone, just tap Touch ID and Passcode. If your device does not have any Touch ID, choose the Passcode option.

On the “Enter Passcode” screen, type in your current iPhone passcode. On the following screen, tap “Turn Passcode Off” to disable the passcode.

In 2018, Apple allowed users to gift in-app purchases.

In January, Apple extended in-app purchase commission for apps.

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