Is THIS the Google Pixel Watch? Wow, look at that crown!

After it was revealed that Google has trademarked ‘Pixel Watch’, leaked images of the smartwatch have emerged, giving us a glimpse of how it will look like. Check out what we know.

Google Pixel Watch leak: This week saw some major developments for the long rumored Google smartwatch. Finally we know what its name is going to be. It was revealed through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) application that Google has trademarked ‘Pixel Watch’ for its smartwatch and smartwatch accessories. While the trademark gives no further information into the device, some leaks have also surfaced which show the smartwatch design and what we can expect from it. If you want to know what these leaks have revealed, then read on.

Google Pixel Watch leak: details

The leaks have emerged from an unknown source whose validity cannot be confirmed. So, do take the information with a pinch of salt. Reported by Fone Arena, the Pixel Watch is a circular watch face which has a slightly raised display. There are two buttons, and in the center of it is a physical crown which gives an analog appeal to the smartwatch. It is unclear what the buttons or the crown may do, but it is assumed that the buttons might be used as screen on / off or a shortcut to certain apps. The crown is harder to figure out, but it could be placed for aesthetic purposes.

The backside of the Google Pixel Watch has a black frame which apparently has housed the health-tracking sensor. According to the source, the bottom of the Pixel Watch has a smoother finish and “looks metallic but feels like it’s coated with glass,”. This would make it similar to the Apple watch, which also has a glass back.

According to the Google Pixel Watch leaks, while the leaker was not able to turn on the device and check the user interface, he was able to confirm that the watch did not have a charger and instead it could be charged in its case. There were no images with the strap connected to the watch face but according to leaks, there seems to be a Google proprietary technique for snapping in the bands. The band also appears to be a Google-only product, and the source claimed that it felt like it was made up of a jelly-like substance. This likely means that Google Pixel Watch will not be compatible with just any band.

It is expected that Google Pixel Watch will be teased at the I / O event month with an eventual launch in around October alongside Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.


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