JoySauce Network Announces Slate of Programming

SEATTLE-(BUSINESS WIRE)-JoySauce is excited to announce the launch of the first of its kind, multimedia network aimed at the American Asian audience and its allies. This change in nomenclature — American Asian rather than Asian American — is our way of shifting the center of gravity, while recognizing that each of us chooses how the pieces of our identities fit together.

The platform, founded by tech entrepreneur Jonathan Sposato (,, Google, Xbox/Microsoft), will feature multiple channels of vibrant digital programming dedicated to celebrating both new and established American Asian talent. Viewers can expect unscripted and scripted shows, licensed movies, stand-up comedy specials, documentaries, podcasts, and more. JoySauce will also publish original editorial daily, featuring brave new voices and established journalists covering culturally relevant topics in lifestyle, food, entertainment, pop culture, education, romance and more.

Some of the programming highlights include:

  • #TeamTan: A JoySauce original series about Samantha Tan, a 22-year-old Asian Canadian racing star rising through the ranks of professional race car driving at warp speed.
  • American Icon: A single 20-minute special where Sposato sits down with actor George Takei for an interview that’s pure irreverent fun.
  • #VeryAsian with Michelle Li: JoySauce interviews prominent Korean American social movement catalyst Michelle Li in a bite-sized series on relevant Asian diaspora issues.
  • Travels with Malika: Malika Lim Eubank chronicles her cross-country journey from a makeshift live-streaming RV, visiting people and places on the edge of transition and exploring what it means to be American.
  • Bound for Glory: An award-winning pilot from first-time filmmaker John Wilcox and writer, actor and producer Michael Naizu about finding cultural and professional identity in modern-day Hollywood.
  • A Leading Man: An episodic reconfiguration of director Steve J. Kung‘s impactful feature-length film.
  • Bulge Bracket: A series that takes you into the high-intensity world of mergers, acquisitions and IPOs, starring Jessika Van (CBS’s Rush Hour) as a recent B-school graduate beginning her career at a prestigious New York investment bank.
  • Bella’s Table: The original JoySauce video podcast from Intrepid Indian American business owner Bella Sangar, as she interviews a diversity of female business owners and thought leaders on what it means to belong.

JoySauce is first to market and a disruptor in both the tech and media space due to its informed leadership from Sposato, who in addition to his tech accolades serves as publisher of Seattle magazine, and chairman and co-founder of GeekWire, the largest independent tech business news site.

Starting JoySauce is, in many ways, the culmination of everything I’ve done to date in media, publishing and tech entrepreneurship, ”said Sposato. “Growing up as a Korean Chinese American, I hardly ever saw anyone who looked like me on TV or in movies, and when I did, they were always the bad guy or the side kick. It’s better now, but it’s high time we as a default centered stories on American Asians and create a parallel universe where portrayals of the Asian diaspora are consistently positive and flattering and beautiful and funny and strong and cool. ”

As acting Editor-in-Chief, Sposato has hired Deputy Editor-in-Chief Frankie Huang (with bylines in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian) and Managing Editor Chelsea Lin (former Seattle magazine editor-in-chief and nationally published food writer). Entertainment industry veteran Ben Press (talent agent, producer, entertainment tech executive) will be managing brand partnership strategy, talent relations and intellectual property acquisitions as chief development officer.

Sposato is also forming an advisory board focused on expanding JoySauce’s influence directly in the Asian diaspora communities. He has tapped Nancy Yoon (Asians in LA, community leader, activist, TV host, publicist for the Oscar-winning Minari campaign, FOX’s #1 rated show The Cleaning Lady, among many others) as their first distinguished advisor.

About JoySauce: JoySauce was founded in August 2020 by tech entrepreneur Jonathan Sposato. The multimedia network boasts a vibrant library of content around entertainment, lifestyle, food, travel, culture, relationships, art and education in the form of exciting new streaming shows, movies, standup comedy, provocative podcasts, and a suite of editorial that will represent the full spectrum of American Asian narratives.

About Jonathan Sposato: Jonathan Sposato is a tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of JoySauce. He is also currently the publisher of Seattle magazine and Seattle Business magazine, and the chairman and co-founder of GeekWire, co-founder of Picnick, and founder of PicMonkey and Phatbits. As an author, Sposato is the national bestselling author of the 2017 book Better Together: 8 Ways Working with Women Leads to Extraordinary Products and Profits.

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