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SAN DIEGO – Station Manager Raul Caro’s St. John Paul II Catholic Radio (JP2 Radio), an Imperial Valley-based nonprofit Catholic radio station which began in 2015, continues its San Diego expansion this summer with new programs set to sprout from a new partnership with John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido .

JP2 Radio is still centrally operated and broadcasts in the Imperial Valley on KCJP 95.7FM out of El Centro and K227BN 93.3FM in Brawley, but with its expansion to KFSD AM 1450 as of March 17, 2021, Caro said the recent partnership in 2022 with John Paul the Great Catholic University (JP Catholic) will allow for programming local to San Diego to join the other Catholic programming JP2 Radio currently offers.

Caro said JP2 Radio will focus this summer on building Catholic programming local to San Diego, including a new “JP2 Morning Crew” morning drive radio show, and a future, untitled radio show in partnership with JP Catholic.

Caro said the “JP2 Morning Crew” program will be a platform where other local Catholic apostolates “can get their message out to the community about what they’re doing.”

“Each week we will have different guests on from the community to talk about different things Christian or Catholic,” he said. “Some topics might be issues, some might be just some fun things you didn’t know about our Catholic life in San Diego and the Imperial Valley.”

The JP Catholic University show will “talk about Catholics in media, how the university is engaging the culture,” and “highlight some of the different stories that Catholics encounter when operating in media, whether it’s in Hollywood, social media, or other types of media, ”he said.

Though there are no hard target dates set yet, Caro said the “JP2 Morning Crew” radio show will launch in mid-June 2022, while the untitled JPCatholic show will launch sometime this August.

Caro said though the San Diego expansion was never part of the original JP2 Radio plan, “God provided” through Catholic donors in San Diego, which allowed for the station to buy the radio licensing, tower and station facility in Escondido.

“I didn’t seek it out, it sought us out,” Caro said. “We’re an all-volunteer station … but sometimes God presents things to you and you just say, ‘Okay, if that’s Your will that’s what we’ll do.’ We’re already doing it here (in the Valley) so I said, ‘If we can do it here we can do it over there.’ ”

“We were blessed enough just to afford the platform to transmit,” he said. “It was a real opportunity to reach more listeners.”

The expansion increased the radio station’s reach from the potential 180,000+ listeners in Imperial County to adding a potential 1.8 million listeners in north and central San Diego County, he said.

JP2 Radio airing in San Diego in March 2021 also brought Catholic Answers-another San Diego-based Catholic radio apostolate, focused on Catholic apologetics-back to the local San Diego airwaves after separately owned radio station, KCEO AM 1000, became unaffiliated with Catholic Answers .

Caro said JP2 Radio has also invested donations in developing their own smartphone app, available on both Apple and Google app stores, where listeners in both counties who may not get the FM or AM signals may listen online, in addition to allowing for a more global reach online.

“That was a big leap for us, not only to be able to reach more souls with our programming, but it was also a challenge for us to learn how to scale up,” Caro said.

“We Catholics and Christians have to be even more involved in media because there are so many secular messages out there that we are a counter to in the Christian faith,” Caro said. “We just can’t sit by and not engage the community: We have to be active, assertive, and proactive, so creating programming and getting the word out about it is one of our top priorities.”

Caro said though San Diego has a more dense population amounting to more potential listeners the donations-funded station does not have advertising funds, so the station is focusing on a slower, “organic,” grassroots level marketing through attending events in San Diego, handing out informational pamphlets, and giving announcements in Catholic parishes within San Diego County, one by one.

Caro said it will take about 12 to 18 months to present in each potential listening parish in San Diego via this method.

Caro also said the partnership with JPCatholic – a university dedicated to “impacting the culture for Christ” through new media, business, and theology studies – will also allow the university’s students an opportunity to explore and create within the medium of radio.

JPCatholic University President, Dr. Derry Connolly, is “absolutely thrilled” to be collaborating with JP2 Radio, and is hoping the partnership will “hit it out of the ballpark” with the new upcoming radio shows, he said.

Dr. Connolly said the JP2 Crew morning show will be something he hopes other people will listen to on their morning drives to work, and is looking forward to getting the second university-led radio show underway to have Catholic programming geared toward young adults.

“I’m interested because this because it benefits the community and also benefits young people who don’t have much radio programming for young Catholics,” he said.

“I think we’ve got to experiment with what resonates with young people,” Connolly said.

“Are they going to listen to it? That’s the unknown, we don’t know the answer to that question yet, “he said,” but I’m very interested in making the effort to find that out. “

“I think it’ll raise all boats – it’ll be good for Imperial Valley and San Diego – so praise God,” Connolly said.

“(The expansion has) actually been very good for us in that we’ve learned how to do things in better and different ways,” Caro said, “which in the end, makes us even better here in the Imperial Valley on how we do our programming. ”

“It’s definitely been a growing experience but it’s been very rewarding,” he said.

Unrelated to the expansion, locally produced JP2 Radio show “Sacred Heart Narratives” will be on hiatus, said radio host and Heber resident Jose Martinez. Archived episodes of Sacred Heart Narratives can be heard on

JP2 Radio can be listened to online at, on the radio in the Imperial Valley on 95.7FM centrally and 93.3FM in the north end, and in most of San Diego County (except the South Bay area) on AM 1430.

To support JP2 Radio visit, or contact the station by email at or by telephone at 888-388-8821.


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