Making Out in Metaverse is Now Possible with VR Headset Sending Sensation to Lips

Metaverse, a virtual world underdevelopment, continues to surprise the real world with the advancements happening in it. Following suit, a group of researchers (read: builders of metaverse) have come up with a technology that is aimed at increasing the realism of the virtual world. A mouth haptics tech attached to virtual reality headsets has now made it possible for people to experience real kissing sensations, among many others. The research is conducted by innovators at Carnegie Mellon University, a private institution in Pittsburgh, United States.

The technology will make the time spent in the metaverse more immersive, real, and convincing. The device that the team has created is a collection of ultrasonic transducers that will be attached to the bottom of the VR headsets. These thin and compact transducers will trigger impulses oriented in various ways and axes. The impulses will produce sensations focused on the wearer’s mouth to bring out a revamped virtual reality experience.

Take a look at the video here:

“We explored several effects, including point impulses, swipes, and persistent vibrations. Our haptic sensations can be felt on the lips, teeth, and tongue, ”researchers wrote in the paper. They also mentioned that all components are integrated into the headset, which means that the user will not have to wear any additional accessories or “place any external infrastructure in their room.”

The sensations that the mouth haptics attached to the VR headsets can produce include kissing, drinking out of a hot cup, smoking a cigarette, water splashes, and objects striking the face area. Researchers believe that these real-life-like sensations can be used in mending the issues in real life. For instance, the sensation of smoking a cigarette can have medical benefits and can be used as therapy for someone who wants to quit smoking.

Metaverse, since its advent, has been under hot waters for multiple of its aspects having a negative influence in the real world. Reports of people being harassed, the virtual space fostering obscene elements, and violations of privacy have surfaced.

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