Paranoid Android’s Sapphire beta is coming to more phones, including the OnePlus 7 Pro and 5 series

Devices from Redmi, POCO, and Xiaomi are also supported

Paranoid Android, a longtime favorite ROM loved by power users everywhere, came roaring back to life late last year with a version built on top of Android 12. And while the project continues to look for support from fans, development is moving full steam ahead. Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta 1 is coming to a handful of new devices just a couple of months after first debuting with the OnePlus 9.

Over the last couple of days, Beta 1 has launched for several phones, including the Xiaomi Mi 11X, the Redmi K40 and its rebranded POCO F3 brother, and the OnePlus 7 Pro (via XDA Developers). It’s that last device that’s probably the most exciting of the bunch. Despite the popularity of the OnePlus 7 Pro, it has yet to get an official Android 12 update, with the company having promised it for sometime in the first half of this year.


If all those new additions aren’t enough for you, the team has just announced a couple more, bringing Beta 1 support to the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

As part of the fundraising push to keep development active – which, so far, sounds like a success – the team has built a new website devoted to downloading alpha and beta builds for its supported phones. Changelogs, download links, and more are all hosted on the site, making it super easy to browse through and select the most recent update for your device. You can even open directly to the matching post on the XDA forums for community support and feedback.

If you’re upgrading to the beta build from an alpha, just be prepared to wipe your device – it’s a requirement. Check out all of the latest beta builds – plus all other alpha updates – over at Paranoid Android’s website.


OnePlus 5 and 5T

Added release info for the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

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