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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the ‘Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya’, a museum dedicated to all the prime ministers of the country since independence. He also bought the first ticket to make his way into the museum. The prime ministers’ museum boasts a total of 43 galleries. There are displays from the freedom struggle and the framing of the constitution. The ‘Sangrahalaya’ chronicles the achievements of the prime ministers.

During the inauguration of the museum, Modi hailed the contributions of the prime ministers to the development of the country. Here are some of PM Modi’s quotes from the event.

# “It is my good fortune that today I have got the opportunity to dedicate the Prime Minister’s Museum to the nation. Every Prime Minister of the country has contributed immensely to the fulfillment of the goals of Constitutional democracy. To remember him is to know the journey of an independent India ”.

# “Our democracy inspires us to introduce new ideas and innovations. Everybody’s vision should be aligned with ‘Desh Ka Vikas’. Every Prime Minister of the country has contributed immensely to the fulfillment of the goals of Constitutional democracy”.

# “In the coming years, whatever names will be added to PM Sangrahalaya will represent the energy and strength of New India. At a time when the whole world is looking up to India with hope, we have to deliver and reach new heights in the next 25 years ”.

# “PM Sangrahalaya will become the source of inspiration for the generations to come. Here, our youth will be able to witness the hardships each Prime Minister faced and how they overcame it all to lay the foundations of New India ”.

# “Today PM Sangrahalaya has also become a living reflection of the shared heritage of each government that served the country”.

# “Every government formed after Independence has contributed in taking the country to the heights it has achieved today. This museum is also a living symbol of the shared legacy of each government ”.

# “Coming from a remote countryside, from a very poor family, coming from a farmer’s family, reaching the post of prime minister, this strengthens the faith in the great traditions of Indian democracy”.

# “In every era, in every generation, there has been a continuous effort to make democracy more modern, empowered”.

# “People coming here will be made familiar with the contributions of former prime ministers of the country and will get to know about their background and struggle”.

# “We have had a proud tradition of strengthening democracy in a democratic way. That’s why we also have an obligation to keep strengthening democracy with our efforts. “

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