Program revealed for Google I / O, Keynotes and Technical Sessions to watch for

Google published its I / O program yesterday ahead of the annual developer conference taking place in two weeks. The event list for the fully-virtual conference reveals several must-watch keynotes, such as the main Google I / O and Developer Keynotes that the event is known for. This year the program will differ in that all the keynotes, product announcements, and learning lab content will take place on day one. On day two, all the technical sessions will be available on-demand to watch at your leisure.


At this time, the program does not have an exact schedule set. The only events with a scheduled time and date are the general Google I / O and Developer keynotes, which will go live starting at 10AM PDT on May 11th. All other keynote and workshop sessions are planned for some time after those first two. However, Google promises more information coming in the coming weeks.

The number of sessions that will be available is too large to list them all here, but I put together a categorized list of the more notable ones you may not want to miss. Keep in mind that some of these sessions overlap and encompass several categories, such as those for the Web and ChromeOS.


• Google I / O keynote

• Developer keynote


• What’s new in ChromeOS (Keynote)

• Developing for 50 Million Chromebooks in the Classroom (Technical Session)

• Expand your game with ChromeOS (Technical Session)

• Introduction to counter-abuse technology at Google (Technical Session)

• TensorFlow.js: From prototype to production, what’s new in 2022? (Technical Session)


• What’s new in Android (Keynote)

• Designing apps for large screens (Technical Session)


• What’s new for the web platform (Keynote)

• The latest on Google search for site owners (Technical Session)

Wear OS

• Creating beautiful, power-efficient apps for Wear OS (Technical Session)

Smart Home

• What’s new in Google Home (Keynote)

List of notable keynotes and technical sessions on the program list

If you have not already done so, you can still register for the event at to ensure you will be able to watch all the content at any time, on-demand. Otherwise, as usual, you will be able to catch the main keynote on Google’s official Youtube channel and a number of the technical sessions on the Google Developers channel.

I am very excited to watch the I / O keynote and hoping, as many are, that there will be hardware announcements for the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Watch. Other than that, we’re all super-pumped to watch all the keynotes related to ChromeOS and what’s coming down the pike. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year for our favorite operating system.

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