PS Plus rumored to be adding three new games in May 2022, featuring FIFA 22 and more

The revamped PS Plus is rumored to be going live in May in certain regions, but it could offer fans something more along the way. The service in its existing structure offers certain games at no extra cost to all its subscribers.

While the official confirmation from PlayStation is yet to arrive, there are solid rumors and leaks of what’s to come in May. If they turn out to be accurate, there could be some exciting times ahead for all the subscribers.

PS Plus is one of the two live services offered by the console giants to fans worldwide. In exchange for a monthly charge, gamers can enjoy different services that include premium titles that can be played without any cost.

If the leaks for May’s lineup turn out to be true, there will be three wonderful games on offer.

PS Plus free games for May have allegedly been leaked

Like April, PS Plus will likely provide three games to fans. Two will also be available to all the members on the next-gen consoles.

The first game on the list is Curse of the Dead Gods, an excellent roguelite at its core. Published by Focus Home Interactive, it was released in early access in 2020 before its full release in 2021. The title puts users in the shoes of an explorer on the lookout for money, power, and eternal life.

However, the job is easier said than done as they will have to go through challenging dungeons. Each dungeon will test gamers’ level, and it can become very frustrating at times, like typical roguelites.

The title feels dynamic as players can customize the way they play the game. There are different weapon classes to choose from, allowing players to change their strategies.

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The second name on the list is Tribes of Midgard, available to older and next-gen consoles users. It is a hybrid of action and role-playing games that employs a top-down view.

As individuals play as Viking heroes, they will have their tasks cut out. Their job is to protect the seed of Yggdrasil from the hands of different enemies, which will be found all over the procedurally generated worlds. Gamers can play solo or in tribes of up to ten players.

Published by Gearbox, Tribes of Midgard was released in the middle of last year and has remained a PlayStation console exclusive.

The third rumored offering of the PS Plus service is a big name, especially for football lovers. FIFA 22 will be added to the lineup of titles likely to come in May.

With the offering being allowed to PS5 fans, players will get to test the HyperMotion technology. Additionally, they can enjoy all the different modes found in the game.

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FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode will be a favorite of users who love its competitive nature. For the more pacifistic individuals, the game’s manager mode has undergone specific changes that they will be able to enjoy to their heart’s content.

There are rumors that this might be the last FIFA game of the series, so it’s an excellent opportunity for those subscribed to the PS Plus.

Overall, the rumored list looks quite exciting, but gamers should take the information with a pinch of salt. They’re advised to wait for official confirmation before making any conclusions.

With May not very far away, the confirmed list will also be revealed soon.


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