Science North launches new virtual reality exhibition

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Science North has partnered with Virtual Science Center to present Reinventing Reality: Explore the Science of Virtual Reality, a new special exhibition that is now open and will run throughout Science North’s summer season until Sept. 5.

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Guests will experience virtual reality first-hand in a fully immersive exhibit. They will discover how VR uses and sometimes fools the brain to make the virtual world seem real. They will also explore how computers create and project 3D objects in the virtual and real world. They will also get inside a VR headset in more ways than one, diving into how VR uses tools like cameras and gyroscopes to capture body and head movements so they can interact with the virtual environments they see.

“Imagine rock climbing in a national park, being chased by dinosaurs, or flying through space on a rocket,” Meghan Lee, executive director of the Virtual Science Center, said in a release. “Virtual reality allows us to have magical experiences, but the technology inside a virtual reality headset is as mind-blowing as the virtual world itself. Reinventing Reality pulls back the curtain on Virtual Reality technology by encouraging visitors to experiment with the tools that make it work. ”

Reinventing Reality includes 12 VR arcade stations where guests can create, play, or simply enjoy being in a virtual environment. All the games are displayed on monitors, so non-active players can watch their friends and family members.

“Expanding what we know about reality with this new exhibit is a step into the future possibilities of STEM,” said Jennifer Booth, Interim CEO of Science North. “Reinventing Reality explores the science, creativity, and innovation behind one of the fastest evolving technologies – virtual reality. We are excited to welcome guests to the science center this spring and summer to learn more about virtual reality, and experience firsthand what this amazing technology can do. ”

Virtual Science Center is a non-profit that seeks to ignite interest in STEM by creating high-impact, interactive museum experiences featuring innovative technologies. Located in Silicon Valley, VSC facilitates collaborations between industry experts, museum and science centers, educators, exhibit design teams and visitors. VSC’s goal is to provide relevant, science-rich content while increasing museum attendance and inspiring more students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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