Shooting suspect says she bought AR-15 to protect herself

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Westwood woman wants to clear her name after police say she bought an AR-15 off the street and used it to fire shots at two women outside her home.

She says she bought the gun to protect herself from a group of women who threatened her life. A violent text too vulgar to fully show includes the line “You gone get beat just as simple as that.”

It’s why Jasmine Rice says she was all smiles in this mugshot after her arrest for two counts of aggravated assault on Saturday.

Jasmine Rice, 29

“They want to jump me. That’s life-threatening for me, ”Rice said.

According to the affidavit, two women told police they were walking near Rice’s home in the Levi Landing complex in the Westwood area when she fired shots toward them from an AR-15.

But Rice tells a different story. She said the women used to be her friends and were upset she had Facetimed the father of one of the girl’s children.

“He sent it to her because they got some issues going on with her last baby where it’s not supposed to be his and like I told him why use my pictures as a pawn,” Rice said.

Rice told WREG she filed a police report on Friday evening after numerous threats. She said she bought the assault rifle off the street that night, not knowing the girls would return to her home the next day.

“They came kicking in my door,” Rice said. “I said get from in front of my house, they are so big and bad they are not scared. Yeah, I fired in the air boom. They duck down and she laughing, ”she said.

Rice said she fired four shots in the air.

“I had to handle my business. I got four children in here. My mom is in here, ”she said.

After that, she said the women busted her bedroom window. Days later, she said the threats haven’t stopped.

Rice said it’s unfair she had to post a $ 40,000 bond and is now being forced to move when they are in the wrong.

“I don’t regret it. I’m going to protect my home. I’d rather protect my home than let somebody jump me before I get justice, ”she said.

Rice said she has filed another police report against the women. We did go to the home of one of the victim’s listed in the report, but she declined to talk.

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