Someone listed a prototype Pixel 7 on eBay months before sales officially begin

The listing went up for auction Sunday night

Google surprised everyone by announcing the Pixel 7 months early at I / O a few weeks ago, but we’re still waiting for an official launch to learn details. Of course, if you’re feeling impatient, you might not need to wait after all. A Pixel 7 prototype just popped up for sale on eBay, and if you’re quick, it might just be your next phone.

Reddit user u / lucklouie shared the listing with the Google Pixel subreddit, later clarifying they weren’t the person selling the device. The listing clarifies that it’s a prototype version of the Pixel 7, something made clear by the non-standard logo on the back. Google usually replaces its branding on early units, something we’ve seen on other leaked phones from the company’s past.


These photos don’t reveal much we don’t already know about the Pixel 7. From the front – which Google has yet to show off in its official renders – it looks a hell of a lot like the Pixel 6, right down to the hole-punch camera and non-curved display. The back uses the same glossy glass we saw last year, but the camera bar sports a matte silver finish. The top has that mmWave window shown in early pre-announcement renders, but otherwise, not much is new here. The biggest surprise in these photos comes not from the device itself, but from the camera used to take them. In one of the images, the Pixel 7’s reflective back reveals the photographer is using a Pixel 7 Pro to take these pictures.

A Pixel 7 Pro reflected in the glass of a Pixel 7.

Looking through the seller’s profile, the origin of this device is unclear. This prototype is the only active listing, and the first item sold from this account. That said, it’s not a brand new profile – the seller has been an eBay member since 2006, and they’ve purchased other items in the past. Somewhat mysteriously, the final image in the listing includes an uncensored check from 1995, along with the first four digits of the IMEI number. The description mentions the phone runs Android 13 with in-development apps, and is being sold “as is.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen unreleased prototype phones show up for sale on eBay, though it’s usually devices that were canceled or scrapped before their initial sale. Getting the chance to buy an early version of a phone on track to hit store shelves later this year – that’s a hell of a lot rarer.


Prototype delisted

In the least surprising twist of all time, the prototype was delisted not long after it began to attract attention online. Directly heading to the link now presents users with Pixel 6 devices for sale. Meanwhile, if you look through the seller’s profile, the Pixel 7 prototype is now described as a “completed auction.” Clicking through this link shows the following banner: “This listing was completed by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”

It’s unclear if this is the end of the saga for this prototype or if it’ll show up for sale in the future. Regardless, it’s a pretty major leak for Google – even with the phone already announced, we’re months out from its official launch date.

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