Spotify app Now Playing progress bar missing or disappearing on Android

Spotify has long been available in the streaming music segment and has become the leading service in the industry.

Spotify users can enjoy the service across multiple platforms such as web browsers, desktops, Smart TVs, and mobile devices.

‘Now Playing’ bar is a Spotify app feature through which you can see the progress of the song and execute different actions (like play, pause, skip, among others).

However, according to reports, the Spotify app Now Playing bar is suddenly missing or disappearing on Android devices for many users (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Spotify app Now Playing bar missing on Android devices

Currently, many Spotify users on Android are facing the issue in question. The problem prevents them from being able to restart or stop a song, while in some cases they can’t even skip the track.


Since the latest update I’m having the following issues:

– Play bar disappears when I’m playing music so can’t skip, restart or stop

– Music randomly stops playing

App doesn’t remember what I was last playing so goes to home tab every time it opens, very annoying when you’d be listening to a new artist, and go to find out who they are and the bar has gone and you’re back at the home tab

The only way to make the Spotify Now Playing bar app reappear is to restart the app. However, the issue will reappear sooner or later.

Asus Zenfone 5z running android 10. Spotify Now Playing Controls vanish in app when they after a pause dissappear from the notification area. No way to get back except for restarting app. If I start playing a song by tapping on it, I can’t pause or turn it off, as there are no controls. Tried having a widget on the home screen, but it does not work.

Also, some users are also experiencing an issue where playback via Bluetooth on cars does not stop when the car is turned off.

Same problem as described above.

Additionally: if connected to the bluetooth cars, normally the playback stops if the car is turned off and the bluetooth connection is capped. Now, the playback goes on, on the device itself and there is no other option to stop it than closing the app via the “Recent apps” screen.

Spotify team is already, no ETA for fix yet

The Spotify team is already aware of the issue and is investigating. They also confirm that the glitch seems to occur mainly on Samsung smartphones.

Hey folks.

We have received reports that Android users (mostly Samsung users) are unable to see the Now Playing bar on the app whenever they play songs / podcasts.

We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.

We will update this story as unfold events.

Featured Image: Spotify on Google Play

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