Sudan Situation Report, 26 April 2022 [EN/AR] – Sudan

FLASH UPDATE (15 hours ago)

Inter -communal conflict – Kereneik & Ag Geneina, West Darfur Flash Update No. 01 (25 Apr 2022)

Since April 22, an unverified number of people were reportedly killed and injured in Kereneik locality and Ag Geneina following inter-communal clashes.

Curfew in Ag Geneina market from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am the next morning.

WFP food distributions scheduled for this week have been suspended affecting an estimated 62,850 IDPs in Kereneik town and nearby villages of Murayat and Umtajok.

Humanitarian organizations are ready to provide life saving assistance as soon as the security situation allows.


Since April 22, armed clashes between Arab and Masalit communities in Kereneik locality, which were triggered by the reported killing of two Arabs in Kereneik town by unknown people, have resulted in an unverified number of people killed and injured.

Kereneik locality

According to local sources in Kereneik town, the police station was burned, the Kereneik rural hospital was attacked and is out of commission; the market has been looted and burned; and the locality office has been looted. Information available indicates that nearby villages have also been attacked. Calls from the West Darfur state security committee to stop the attacks and violence have not been heeded. People from Umdwain village have reportedly been displaced to Kereneik town; the scale of displacement is not yet known. Many injured are in urgent need of health services. As of 25 April, there are unverified reports of thousands of people displaced from Kereneik. Humanitarian organizations will verify the number of people displaced and assess their immediate needs for the response as soon as the security situation allows. As a result of the fighting and insecurity, WFP food distributions scheduled this week will be suspended affecting an estimated 56,390 people in Kereneik town and 6,460 people in the nearby villages of Murayat and Umtajok.

Ag Geneina locality

Starting from 24 April, the local authorities in Ag Geneina have imposed a curfew at Ag Geneina market from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am the next day. The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) deployed a battalion from Nyala, South Darfur to Ag Geneina. Aid agencies have been advised by the State Humanitarian Affairs Commissioner to keep a low profile and minimize any movements.

Reports indicate that the injured are being sent to Al Naseem hospital in Ag Geneina and the Ag Geneina referral hospital for treatment. However, Al Naseem hospital does not have the capacity to treat injuries and trauma cases. Partners report that people from Althawra and Buhaira areas and IDPs from the Qadima school gathering site have displaced towards northern part of the town, and people are also displacing from El Jebel Area to the gathering sites in Ag Geneina. Humanitarian agencies are calling for injured civilians to have access to health services, protection of civilians and humanitarian assets (health facilities, water points, etc). Humanitarian organizations are also asking for humanitarian access so that civilians can seek humanitarian assistance, with humanitarian organizations able to reach affected civilians and provide the assistance.

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