Suggested delays at Sony could point to a 2023 PS VR2 release

It’s a sad day for anyone who dabbles in PlayStation 5 (opens in new tab) gaming, particularly those who are perched on the edge of their seats waiting for high-end VR to grace the world of gaming console. Back in January, we welcomed PS5 users to the high-end VR party (opens in new tab)but it seems we may have jumped the gun a little.

As KitGuru reports (opens in new tab), supply chain analyst, Ross Young, recently took to Twitter to reveal an unprecedented 50% increase in VR display shipments this year, up to around 15 million units. But Young also mentions in passing that it’s despite “delays at Sony and Apple,” which KitGuru has taken to mean the PS VR2 is going to be delayed until 2023.

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