Camp K12 Launches Metaverse And Ar/vr Creation Platform For Students

Camp K12, an ed-tech start-up building a global online school, has launched of Hatch Kids, its very own Metaverse and AR/VR creation platform for young learners. Camp K12 originally built the Hatch Kids platform for use in its own programming courses, but after witnessing strong demand from educators and students, it is now opening up … Read more

Apple’s RealityOS-powered AR/VR headset may be inching closer to launch: Details

Apple’s board of directors last week got a glimpse of a mixed reality headset capable of both augmented and virtual reality. Engineers at the Cupertino-based tech giant are hard at work on an operating system for the device, Bloomberg said in a report. However, while this doesn’t mean Apple will announce the headset at its … Read more

Apple had to make tough choices about final design of AR/VR headset: Report

Tech giant Apple had to make tough choices about the final design of its augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset as it reportedly chose a standalone AR/VR headset over a more powerful tethered design. At one point, Apple had not yet decided whether to move forward with a more powerful VR headset that would … Read more

Meta’s Quest mixed reality apps show off future of AR, VR

The next big thing in VR may be your living room furniture: Meta is releasing a new SDK for its Quest VR headset next week that will make it easier for developers to incorporate real-world surroundings into VR apps and games. The release marks a major step toward bringing mixed reality experiences to Meta’s VR … Read more

VR Mars metaverse built by Fortnite maker will let you experience life on Red Planet

NASA has partnered up with Epic Games to create a virtual reality Mars metaverse. The joint project hopes to become a helpful tool for space agencies when planning the first human expedition on the Red Planet. To get the ball rolling, Nasa has partnered with HeroX to launch the MarsXR challenge. This test tasks developers … Read more

ISAT majors present potential research for VR-based rehab | News

Carter Elliott, Veronica Bargerstock and Steven Nguyen sat huddled in front of a small computer in Elliott’s apartment. The three senior integrated science and technology (ISAT) majors had been creating a computer program for months, and yet nothing worked. The blue light from the computer screen was the only thing keeping them awake as the … Read more

Spatial’s VR App Gains Full-Body Avatars

Float around in virtual reality long enough and you’ll feel disembodied. Your eyes are covered entirely by a headset. Virtual boundaries create activity parameters within your living room, but you’re still feeling your way through the dark, and the threat of knee-capping yourself on a coffee table is still real. Hand controllers, and the preternatural … Read more

Google acquires MicroLED display startup Raxium for future AR headsets

Google has acquired Raxium, an innovator in single panel MicroLED display technologies, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition of California-based startup with MicroLED technology will help Google build next generation of augmented/virtual and mixed reality headsets amid the buzz over metaverse. Raxium will join Google’s Devices and Services team. “We’re thrilled to have the team … Read more