The worst shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Despite there being plenty of great shiny sprites in Pokemon GO, some of them fall short of the mark every now and then.

Shiny forms are opportunities for Pokemon to have a completely different color. Sometimes, fans can prefer their shiny color over their original design. However, some shiny forms barely stray from the original. There’s also the other side of that coin where the shiny goes way too overboard.

Which shiny Pokemon aren’t as popular?

Usually, shinies are done best when they retain the original qualities of the Pokemon. For example, Red Gyarados looks just as menacing as the regular one. Some of these color swaps, though, totally abandon this principle.

Nowhere is there a better example of this than Weavile. Its normal sprite is frightening to look at, with its sharp claws and dark color palette. The shiny for Weavile, though, gives it a light magenta and yellow hue. This color change just makes it too bright for a Dark-type like Weavile.

Shiny Garchomp barely looks different from its ordinary appearance (Image via Niantic)

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