This App Lets You Create And Pin Notes To Android’s Notifications Bar

Users can pin notes to the notification bar using the Notes app. This allows them never to forget a task. Here’s how to pin, unpin and delete notes.

There are many note-taking and reminder apps, but pinning a note to Android‘s notifications bar may be the best way not to forget an important thing. Users usually use their mobile phones to take notes or prepare to-do lists. However, during busy days, users may fail to follow up with their to-do lists or set up some reminders. One of the best methods to ensure not forgetting something essential is to pin it in an undeniable place on the phone, the notifications bar.

The Android OS is known to be very customizable. Its users can always tweak their experience using third-party apps and tools, including changing how their Android looks using custom launchers, custom icons, or creating unique widgets. This flexibility comes in handy when users try to boost their productivity by setting their notes and reminders up and pinning the most important ones.


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Since the user can always view the note every time the notifications bar is slid down, pinning a simple note to the Android’s notification bar may serve as both a note and a reminder at the same time. However, since this feature isn’t built-in, users can start using it by downloading an app called Notes, which is available for free to Android devices on the Play Store.

Pinning Notes To Android’s Notifications Bar

After downloading the Notes app, users can start using it directly by clicking on the Create Note button at the bottom of the main screen. Then, the user can set the ‘Title’ and the Note. ‘ For example, the title could be Items to Buy while the note could be a list of those items. Most importantly, there’s a tickbox option called Pinned Notificationand choosing this option would make the note persistent in the notifications bar until unpinned by the user. This note will still be apparent even when the user clears all the notifications.

The pinned note will remain intact even if the device is rebooted, which is an excellent feature. In addition, users can choose to Unpin the note or Delete it through the notifications bar after getting their task done. The first option will only unpin it from the notifications bar. At the same time, pinned notes will still be available inside the app. Users can also edit their pinned notes from the app. As described by its developer on Android‘s Google Play Store, the Notes app doesn’t collect any data about the users, and it doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to work.

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