This Chennai-based It Firm Gifts Cars To 100 Staff For Contribution Towards Company’s Growth

Chennai-based IT firm, Ideas2IT has gifted as many as 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to employees for their ‘unparalleled’ contributions to the company’s success and growth.

Gayathri Vivekanandan, Chief Executive Officer, Ideas2IT, gifted Maruti Suzuki cars to 100 employees in the presence of Murali Vivekanandan, founder-chairman of the firm at the mega wealth-sharing event, reported by PTI.

Vivekanandan in the report said, “Considering this steady growth streak enabled by its employees, Ideas2IT has implemented a unique wealth-sharing initiative. Awarding these cars is just the first step. Ideas2IT plans to roll out more such initiatives in the near future.”

Ideas2IT release stated that the “Ideas2IT, a high-end product engineering firm headquartered in Chennai, today felicitated its employees by gifting 100 cars for 100 employees for their constant support and unparalleled contribution to the company’s success and growth.”

Further, it stated that the company delivers cutting-edge software projects to fortune companies like Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, Roche, Medtronic, and many more.

Ideas2IT started its journey in 2009 in Silicon Valley as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting firm with a handpicked team of 6 engineers. Now, the company has more than 500 technologists located in multiple locations including the USA, Mexico, and India.

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