This Is How Shatabdi Express Vistadome Coach Looks Like

Railway has added a Vistadome coach to the Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Shatabdi Express.

The Western Railway has added a Vistadome coach to the Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Shatabdi Express on an interim basis, beginning April 11. Darshana Jardosh, the Union Minister of State for Railways and Textiles, uploaded a video on Twitter on April 11, showing passengers aboard the Vistadome coach during the journey.

The minister captioned the post, “Starting from today, passengers can book tickets for this Vistadome Coach to enjoy panoramic views on the Mumbai-Surat-Ahmedabad route with large glass windows, glass roofs, rotating seats and an observation lounge.”

Watch the video here:

The Ministry of Railways, too, shared a clip on its official Twitter handle where passengers were seen enjoying the scenery outside, through the wide glass windows, during the journey.

“Upgraded travel experience and panoramic view. Experience a journey that will expand your horizons, in Vistadome coach that has been attached to Mumbai-Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express. The large glass windows and glass roofs provide a panoramic view of the picturesque route, ”read the tweet.

Here’s the video:

In another tweet, the Ministry of Railways also shared a few photos of the train and the passengers inside the Vistadome coach.

Those willing to travel on this Vistadome coach can book tickets in the same way they book standard IRCTC tickets.

Vistadome coaches were designed by the Indian Railways to provide passengers with additional comfort and an enhanced viewing experience during their journeys. The Vistadome coaches have large glass windows, glass roofs, 180-degree rotating seats, and an observation lounge, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views.


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