Tourists Driving SUV Through Ladakh’s Pangong Lake Angers Internet

The tourists are seen driving their vehicles around in Ladakh.

Ladakh is a beautiful place. In fact, it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the country. But some tourists often leave the place dirty with their irresponsible behavior.

One such video is doing the rounds on social media, which shows three tourists driving their SUV in the waters of the pristine Pangong Lake.

The video has been shared by Jigmat Ladakhi. It shows an Audi SUV racing through the lake with two tourists hanging out of the sunroof of the car and yelling.

A third tourist is seen driving the car and smiling.

The video also shows foldable chairs and a table with bottles of alcohol, water and packets of chips strewn on it.

“I am sharing again another shameful video. Such irresponsible tourists are killing ladakh. Do you know? Ladakh have a more than 350 bird species and lakes like pangong are the home of many bird species. Such an act may have endangered the habitat of many bird species, ”Jigmat Ladakhi said while sharing the video.

He also posted a link to the Instagram page where the video was originally posted. The video has now been removed from that page but one of the videos shows the same Audi car.

The video from Ladakh has angered many Twitter users who slammed the careless behavior of the tourists.

“Stupidity has peaked !! Absolute nonsense, ”said one user. “These hooligans must be banned from entering Ladakh,” another user commented, tagging Ladakh and Haryana Police.

The Haryana Police’s Twitter handle was tagged because the Audi SUV had a Haryana registration number.

The video has been viewed nearly five lakh times.


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