What is Google Play Protect?

What is Google Play Protect?

Best answer: Google Play Protect is the collective name for Google’s online and offline security components that make sure the apps on your phone are safe and secure no matter where you download them.

Google Play Protect does more than scan for malware

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Most people who have heard of Google Play Protect think of it as a great malware scanner for Android apps. It is, but it encompasses a lot more than that. It’s a full suite of protective services for your Android phone.

Play Protect uses both on-device and cloud services to secure your phone, starting at the most vulnerable place: the application layer. Once you install apps to your phone, even the company that built it has no control over everything that could possibly happen, and that’s where tools like the ones Play Protect offers come into the picture.

Play Protect has both an on-device component and a cloud component.

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