Which game has better Battle Royale in 2022?

Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are among the most popular games on Android and iOS. Both titles are somewhat responsible for the rise of plenty of other shooter games amid the growing interest of fans. Additionally, both have also witnessed the development of an intense esports scene on a global scale.

PUBG Mobile introduced a realistic battlefield experience with its impressive gun mechanics and game physics. Thus, it was pretty successful in penetrating a market like India. The huge fan base the popular BR shooter got in the region was evident with the success of BGMI.

As the name suggests, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the Indian variant released months after PUBG Mobile’s ban in India. Thus, there is little to no difference between the gameplay of both games. However, Garena Free Fire offers a contrasting experience with low resource requirements.

Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and BGMI: Comparing the Battle Royale mode of all three games (2022)


Both PUBG Mobile and BGMI are powered by Unreal Engine 4, which provides a decent output. Although one cannot label the quality as exemplary, it is still above-average, especially when higher settings are used.

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire is powered by the Unity game engine. Compared to BGMI or its global version, the graphics are not impressive, but developers have done a decent job considering Free Fire’s low-end requirements.

Thus, to summarize the graphics’ comparison, one can say that the quality is decent on all three games, as none of them can execute anything astonishing. However, PUBG Mobile and BGMI have a clear superiority over Garena Free Fire.

Dynamics and realism

BGMI and its global variant provide a realistic experience (Image via Garena)Garena Free Fire doesn & # 039; t provide a realistic gaming experience (Image via Throneful / YouTube)Choices of maps in BGMI or its global variant (Image via Krafton)Choices of maps in Garena Free Fire (Image via Garena)The in-game features are pretty similar in all three games (Image via Krafton)Character abilities in Garena Free Fire (Image via Clock Gaming / YouTube)

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