With cross-play and cross-save, Diablo Immortal can open a new chapter for Blizzard and the series itself

Diablo Immortal is finally arriving, as Blizzard announced, but contrary to expectations, it is no longer just a mobile game. Based on the latest news, the latest Diablo title, originally planned to be a mobile game, will be available simultaneously on PCs.

This will be a new milestone for the most iconic ARPG series ever made. With the latest decision, Blizzard can activate a new chapter in its history of video game development.

Diablo Immortal has been in the news for a long time, and it was being planned as a mobile game. Blizzard, however, seems to have changed tracks.

The PC and mobile versions will be launched on the same day, although the PC version will technically be an open beta. On top of that, there will be cross-play and cross-save available, which could set a new marker for Blizzard’s future.

Diablo Immortal is getting both cross-play and cross-save is a crucial feature

Diablo Immortal will likely start a new chapter for the series. Over the years, Diablo games have created a niche of their own, and many consider ARPG to be one of the generation-defying ones. Diablo 3 is still active, and what was supposed to be a new chapter for mobile gamers can now be enjoyed on PC.

The announcement was made at a dev reveal. where game director Wyatt Chang revealed some essential details about the PC version. Both versions will be released on June 2. Further, the PC version will enable full controls and will not be a direct port. However, the quality of the two platforms seems very close, which will be great news for fans.

Moreover, the cross-play and cross-save features are perhaps the most important ones. Cross-play will allow players to play with their friends without bothering them about the platform. If a person has a great PC, they can play there. Alternatively, they can switch on their handheld devices to farm the available loot.

Unlike many other video games, switching between mobile and PC will not come at any cost. Diablo Immortal will feature cross-save, which will likely mean that players will be able to continue their progression irrespective of the platforms.

The game is set to be much more than a Diablo game as it could be an essential step for Blizzard’s future. There are rumors that the company is contemplating making a World of Warcraft game on mobile. If Diablo’s cross-save is successful, it could mean that the planned World of Warcraft project could be along the same lines.

The gap between mobile and PC is constantly diminishing. Due to a chip shortage, many gamers have been restricted to using less than optimal PCs. The relative effect on the mobile industry has been less obstructive, which has allowed the mobile gaming market to boom in the last couple of years.

It is one of the main reasons why Blizzard decided to invest in Diablo Immortal in the first place. Unlike PCs, the mobile market is where the company has not approached too aggressively. The upcoming Diablo game allows them to do that to the fullest.

Adopting it on PCs is a brilliant move on the developers’ part. The features will only unravel once the game is released. But what Blizzard has done in terms of accessibility is welcome. Several games feature cross-play, but adding cross-save adds a layer of refinement.

There are several major pieces of content that Blizzard has planned for Diablo Immortal. The game will be available as a free-to-play title once it releases on both platforms, and the early pretext looks very positive.


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