Wordle 307 Answer Today April 22 Wordle Solution Puzzle Hints

Wordle 307 Answer Today, April 22: After a tough Thursday, the Wordle puzzle today is an easy one. Not only is the Wordle answer today a known word, it’s something we find around ourselves everywhere and absolutely need them. The combination of letters is also easy to guess.

Wordle enthusiasts have been able to crack today’s puzzle in no time.

Wordle And Its Rules

Wordle, essentially a guessing game, was created by US-based oftware engineer Josh Wardle in 2021. It was an instant hit, with millions getting hooked to the free-to-pay puzzle in no time. The New York Times bought Wordle in January this year, without changing any of its features.

The rules are simple. You get six chances to guess the five letter word of the day, which is randomly generated. Small squares containing the letter you fill in turn green, yellow or gray, giving crucial clues to let you know if you are on the right track.

If the box turns green, it means the letter is in the right location.

A yellow box means your gues is right but the letter is not in the right place.

If the box turns gray, it means the letter is incorrect.

Wordle 307 Hints And Answer

  • The word has 1 vowel
  • No letter is repeating
  • The word begins with ‘P’
  • It’s both a noun and a verb
  • The vowel used is ‘A’

Did you find the hints useful? Scroll down if you want to see the right answer.

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The answer to Wordle 307 is ‘PLANT’.


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